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Daily Bread Mailbag: Deontay Wilder, Naoya Inoue, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Tyson Fury, Jarrett Hurd vs. Julian Williams, deontay Wilder vs. Riddick Bowe, Deontay Wilder vs. Dominic Breazeale, and more.


Congrats on a great victory.  J-Rock’s insight fighting was awesome to watch and on that masterful Bhop, SOG Ward, Mayweather level against a top flight in fighter.  I expect a similar clash with Ugas vs Figueroa.   Who do you rank as the top 10 in fighters today?

Who would you pick Leo Santa Cruz or Gary Russel Jr.

How does deontay wilders right hand rank historically for heavyweights? How would these mythical matchups go with historic fighters in their prime
Wilder vs Bowe
Holmes vs wilder
Holyfield vs Wilder
Lennox vs wilder

BTW, you give the best interview in boxing and could be to boxing podcasts what Malcolm Gladwell is to business podcasts.  Your thought leadership in off the charts and it transcends boxing. 

Billy Bomaye

Bread’s Response: Thank you.

Top 10 infighters today….Let’s see. In no order. Loma, Spence, Jrock, Chocalitito, Canelo, Josh Taylor, Estrada, Danny Roman and Hurd.

Ugas vs Figueroa will be a war, I like Ugas. Santa Cruz vs Russell is a 50/50 fight. Whoever is on that day will win.

Wilder has one of the best right hands in the history of the division. No doubt about it. Joe Louis, Lennox Lewis, George Foreman and Earnie Shavers all have company now in Wilder.

Anyone who Wilder hits clean, goes out. I realized what his gift is. After a break in the action the sense of awareness of opponent’s go down. In the gym it’s natural to touch gloves after breaks. In a real fight Wilder allows himself to pushed back by the referee. Then he walks slowly towards the opponent then all of sudden he launches himself into the opponent with a 1-2. If you observe closely, most of his kos or knockdowns come from the same sequence. The fighters that can beat Wilder have to be mentally aware and sharp.

Wilder vs Bowe. If Wilder doesn’t clip Bowe he would have a tough time. Bowe has so many tools including elite in fighting and a great jab. Wilder is in every fight but I would take Bowe by mid round ko.

Wilder would have a chance to clip Holmes because Holmes got hit with right hands. But Holmes had a different type of heart and his late round clutch gene would come into effect. I like Holmes in a close exciting decision.

Holyfield would smother Wilder and dirty box him. He would head butt, elbow and left hook Wilder. I think Holyfield is physically stronger than Wilder. I like Holyfield.

Lewis would be a tough match up for Wilder. Lewis is very patient. He’s also very strong and he’s a master at fighting in clinches. Lewis was brutal on taller fighters. I like Lewis by tko.

This is no knock on Wilder. He could ko anyone in history if he hits them right. But you asked me could he beat 4 of the top 10 head to head heavyweights ever who were all deep water fighters with resilient chins. Those guys would be tough outs for even Ali who is #1.

deontay-wilder (1)_22

Hi Stephen
I have been reading your weekly mailbag always with great interest but it is the first time that I am writing to you.
I am a Frenchman who has been following boxing since the early seventees (the first fight that I saw with my father on television was ali-frazier 1 when I was a kid and from that day I became a boxing fan.)
I do not know if my mail will make your mailbag but if it does I would be very much interested to have your qualified opinion on the following :
After watching wilder vs breazeale  i thought to myself that while i have seen many, many boxers far much better than deontay wilder, i have not seen many who have the same punching power that he has on one single shot.
So my question is simple.
How would you rank wilder amongst the best punchers of all times ?
I know that his opposition so far has not been that good, but i think we have seen enough to know that his right hand is really exceptional and I do not think that he compares badly to all the greatest on this very specific point ?
All the best
Chris from France

Bread’s Response: Deontay Wilder is without a doubt one of the top 20-25 punchers EVER in the history of boxing. No doubt about it.

Hi Bread,

Keeping it simple this time. Who wins and why?

Roy Jones vs Bob Foster, Roy Jones vs Saad Muhammad, Roy Jones vs Qawi, Roy Jones vs Spinks, Roy Jones vs Ezzard Charles, Roy Jones vs Archie Moore, Roy Jones vs Gene Tunney and Roy Jones vs Floyd Patterson


Bread’s Response: Roy Jones vs everybody I see….

Bob Foster would be tough on Roy because of his jab and stalking presence. But Foster exaggerated his lean to his right and Roy would leap in with a hook and turn behind his shoulder all night. I say they fight 3x with both winning 1 apiece. I don’t know who wins the 3rd. My hunch is Roy. I think his IQ is higher.

Saad Muhammad is a rough dude with a huge punch. I think Roy would outpoint him but it would be tougher than expected because Roy covers up on the ropes and Muhammad was a brutal puncher who could punch through the gloves. Hard fight but Roy wins.

Qawi would be Roy’s Montel Griffin over again. But Qawi is a little better than Griffin. I take Qawi by a tough decision. Tough style on Roy.

Spinks is all wrong for Roy. Spinks has en elite jab. Elite power. And he doesn’t over commit. This would not be exciting but Spinks wouldn’t let Roy get into a groove much like Tarver and Eric Harding didn’t. Spinks in this one.

Ezzard Charles would be just too well rounded in my opinion. Roy has a hand speed advantage but Charles is too good of an all round fighter and physically he’s very tough. Charles in this one also.

Archie Moore could clip Roy but I think Roy would make the fight boring and I think he could get around Moore’s defense. I say Roy by decision.

Gene Tunney is very underrated. I think Tunney’s lead hand would give Roy fits. They would have to fight 3x.

Floyd Patterson is not viewed on the heavyweight pantheon. But for fighters who are between 175-190lbs he’s one of the best head to head fighters ever. Patterson had tremendous handspeed and a huge punch. I think he would be too big and strong for Roy on his best day. Patterson’s left hook is brutal. I take Patterson in a historical upset. Roy is the better fighter. But in a head to head match up I think Patterson wins.

Greetings Breadman,

Congratulations on the win vs Hurd. FOTY so far. I wanted to ask a question and get your opinion on Jim Gray's interview after Wilder/Breazeale.

When does a referee stop a fight due to a cut? I'm referring to the Russell Jr/Martinez and Badou Jack's cut in his fight vs Marcus Browne. I'm not certain when the cut happened, but the ref called it off right away. Badou Jack's cut was horrible, and I'm also thinking of Canelo's cut vs GGG.

Second, I wanted to get your opinion about Jim Gray's interview with Deontay Wilder, specifically Gray's comment about Andy Ruiz and Breazeale. (Not to mention omitting Tom Schwartz' name).

I think two things can be true at once; Jim Gray disrespected Breazeale after he got KO'd and tried to get up and continue to fight after the nastiest knockout I can remember. But Deontay Wilder pussyfooted around his questions about Joshua and Gray was trying to get a reaction out of him and Jim Gray has been around for a million years/should be given more rope than a typical reporter.

And this is where I'm sure we'll disagree, but I think Breazeale did himself no favors by not doing the interview, which was probably in his contract. Imo, he should have spoke his piece like Adrian Broner did with Gray (though not in that manner) or like Floyd Mayweather did with Larry Merchant after the Victor Ortiz fight.



Bread’s Response: Obviously Wilder vs Breazeale is not the same as Fury or Joshua. But Wilder couldn’t come to an agreement with those guys. And Breazeale was the most deserving  PBC heavyweight. Breazeale had just been kod really bad and Gray said loud enough for Breazeale to hear that no one wanted to see him fight Wilder.

I think Jim Gray is one of the best in sports media. He’s earned his position. But man that’s tough for a fighter to hear. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. As a whole Breazeale doesn’t need to hear that immediately after the fight. Especially not from someone who works for the network that just paid him 7 figures.

I just didn’t like it. I felt bad for Dominic. He’s a human being and social media will be brutal enough. I just wish it didn’t happen. I also understand why Breazeale didn’t interview. He was sitting there waiting to get interviewed. He owned the moment. But after the Gray comment he felt like he was insulted so he refused to talk to him. He has a right to do that. I hope Jim Gray and Dominic can talk this out privately. If Breazeale and Wilder can shake hands then I assume Gray and Breazeale can work this out.

Cut stoppages are subjective. It’s never consistent. I’ve seen a cut get stopped in a fight that was so miniscule that the situation just didn’t feel right. Compare Badou Jack’s cut, with the cut Hugo Centeno suffered vs Julian Williams. I think the referee and most importantly the ring side doctor determines whether a fight gets stopped or not. But you have to remember that a fighter’s demeanor and body language can also sway the determination.

Ok Again congratulations on the big win!!! I say Jrock unifies and Then get some DAZN money Vs Canelo.  JROCK has always been confident and vocal of his ability vs Canelo. That would Be a great Fight. I'll be honest I'm putting down money on Jrock to come away clean if they do. Ok I got Wilder by brutal KO in 2. I think he comes out like RJJ in the 2nd Griffin fight. Inoue by Tko in 8 and I got Taylor.  I know alot of people think this is a 50/50 fight but I see a beating similar to Calzaghe vs Lacy with Taylor Stopping Baraynchk AkA mini Drago.  I think people dont realize Taylor can Pop and rumble. Let me know if you disagreed  or if I'm wrong.
Quick Picks: Tyszu Vs Danny Garcia
Mayorga Vs Maidana @147
Gatti Vs Corrales at 135.
Enjoy that big win!!!

Bread’s Response: Canelo vs Jrock….Lot’s of politics to overcome.

You made some good picks but mail them in by Thursday night.

Taylor is really good. I’m high on him. But Taylor looks to me he’s struggling to make 140lbs. It’s a slight concern to me.

Monster Inoue is truly a monster.

Tszyu vs DSG. I would give the edge to Tszyu. He punches a little too straight.

Flip a coin on Mayorga vs Maidana. I have no idea.

Corrales over Gatti but man what a fight.

Why don’t you think smaller fighters don’t get the credit that bigger ones do. What Inoue is doing is remarkable. He’s not #1 P4P but he would be if he were a welterweight. Why the weight bias?

Bread’s Response: Great Question.

I personally love smaller fighters. I was telling friends about Chocolatito 3 years before he made his HBO debut. I was high on Nonito Donaire since the Vic Darchynian win. I saw at least 20 Michael Carbajal fights. And I thought Ricard Lopez was the best fighter in the world after Roy Jones in the late 90s but no one realized it.

Here is the problem for smaller fighters. Being a junior flyweight great is like being the best highschool basketball player in a school with 500 students. Being the great welterweight is like being the best player in a school with 3,000 students.

There are simply more men in the larger weights therefore you have more people competing with you. In the amateurs and the pros. It’s easier to come along at lower weights. For anyone who doesn’t believe that, just look at how often an amateur has to fight in large national tournaments at 165lbs then at 114lbs. Also look at how many fights on the average a flyweight fighter has when he gets a title shot, then look at how many a middleweight has. Look how often a fighter wins a title at 126 then at 130. Then look how often a fighter wins a title at 160 then at 168.

It’s just a huge difference. So many recent fighters win titles at 108 then 112. No fighter from this era has even won a title at 147 then 154. The last one to do it was Floyd Mayweather who is not from this era. He turned pro in 1996.

Overall it’s just harder to move up at higher weights. Welterweight is the Mason Dixon line. If you need more proof look how often you see fighters from 147-168 get title shots before they have 20 fights. It’s uncommon. But at flyweight a fighter will have a kick boxing back ground and have 6 or 7 fights and challenge for a title. It’s just different.

Last but not least we don’t know the smaller weight contemporaries well enough to give them credit for beating great opponents. And that part is a shame. We have look at them and research them. I knew Estrada was special when I watched him vs Gonzalez. But I didn’t know his resume. That’s my fault and again it’s a shame.

So after stating all of that, two things happen. Special lower weight fighters have to do more to get recognition and they get underrated. Chocolatito is so underrated it’s sad. All of his big opponents were showcased on HBO after he fought them and you could see the quality. Choc never got credit for fighting Murderer’s Row past his prime and past his best weight for our entertainment.

I always believed that if Ricardo Lopez was a welterweight he would be a top 10 P4P ever. That’s what my eyes told me his skill level represented. Sal Sanchez was every bit as good as Hagler and Leonard. But because they were bigger they were considered the best of their eras.

Sanchez and Lopez are special cases. Now we have Monster Inoue in our head lights. I think he’s top 4 P4P. Crawford, Loma, Canelo and Inoue are the FAB 4. I really believe that. But I will admit if Crawford, Loma or Canelo flamed their opponents the way Inoue has been, then they would be #1 with a bullet. So there is a weight bias. It’s not fair to the special smaller fighters, but I understand it. Often times WE remain slightly skeptical because we don’t know how good the opponents are for these smaller greats.

As a whole we should research better and observe more closely. Some smaller guys benefit because they are small. And some would be special regardless of their weight. And we have to be smart enough to differentiate.


Nothing like heavyweight KO is there? Despite all the flaws of the HWs, there is nothing in boxing that can compare to a vicious KO puncher like Wilder. I was impressed with how relaxed Wilder looked and how he attempted a few body shots and let the fight come to him. Of course the first time he got Breazeale hurt, he got a bit wild but that's just who he is. Anyways, let's get to the Joshua fight and my theory on Fury...Which I'll explain later in my post.

So the conventional wisdom by most is that Joshua is too technical for Wilder and will end up out boxing him. Okay, so that is certainly possible, however I keep getting Forrest vs Mayorga feels. Joshua like Forrest is technical and like to fight in control. But Wilder like Mayorga will make things frantic and will get in Joshua's head. From all reports, Joshua is a guy who wants to be in control of everything and supposedly has asked a few fighters if Wilder truly has the type of belief he portrays or if he does it for the camera. That right there tells me he is a bit worried about Wilder and just the wildcard he is in the ring.

So now to Fury. I think he is by far the most talented HW in the world, but I have a feeling he is a guy that in rematches will not do as good. If you recall, Wlad started to turn it up late in the fight and hurt Fury in the 12th round. What did Wilder do? Knock Fury down in two of the last four rounds and almost had him out in the 12th round. Fury never went through with the Wlad rematch and ended up falling apart and he last minute turned down the Wilder rematch. Is it a coincidence? I'm not sure, but I just have a feeling he's not as confident the second time around knowing his opponent has somewhat a feel for him and his style. What are your thoughts?

Take care.

Bread’s Response: You make an astute observation. I have always believed that Fury would have a tough fight vs Wilder in a rematch. In my opinion it’s simple math. Fury has to fight a perfect fight for 36 minutes. Wilder can be flawed for 35 minutes and 59 seconds and still win. As far as odds and likelihood for success they favor Wilder.

I respect the hell out of Fury. I thought what he did in that 1st fight was remarkable. But that was THAT fight. It doesn’t mean he can do it again in a rematch. Awkward, unconventional boxers have advantages when you first face them. Elite fighters and elite cornermen adjust over time. Wilder started adjusting and shooting his right hand lower and lower as the fight went on. It’s no guarantee he doesn’t adjust completely to Fury’s slip and roll move and kos him. I think the rematch is tough to call because of this, even though the consensus opinion is Fury outboxed Wilder in the first fight.

I also understand that vicious and improvising styles can overcome text book boxing. Rocky Marciano beat 3 text book boxers in Walcott, Moore and Charles. And contrary to popular belief they weren’t shot, they were just older. Marciano improvised.

Mayorga gave Forest fits twice for a reason. He didn’t wait on Forest and the timing of what Mayorga was going to do, was hard to determine. Usually unpredictable fighters like this are harder to deal with if you can’t back them up and hurt them. Forest could never back Mayorga up. And Fury will have a tough time backing Wilder up.

Now Anthony Joshua is interesting. He’s definitely better technically than Wilder. But Joshua is not fluid. Joshua’s moves don’t always come off smooth. Overthinking vs Wilder can be bad for your health. The one thing that Joshua has in his favor that I don’t’ believe Fury does, is  strength and punching power. I believe Joshua can move Wilder back. If you can constantly push Wilder back you can predict his movements better and not allow him to launch into his right hand.

Let’s see what happens. I hope they all fight each other.

I think Julian Williams win over and performance over Hurd is one of the best of the last decade. It was beautifully violent in every aspect. Can I get your top 10 wins from 2010-19? I know you don’t like talking about Jrock in the mailbags but I’m curious on this matter.

Bread’s Response: I think Jrock’s win was one of the best in the division since 2010. But I would have to research on top 10 over the last decade and it’s really not for me to say. But I will list what I believe to be the best wins since 2010.

Floyd Mayweather over Canelo Alvarez is getting better and better over time. Alvarez is looking like an all time great and Floyd won 8 or 9 rounds from him and Floyd was 35 yr old.

Roman Gonzalez over Juan Estrada. Estrada looks like a flyweight Juan Manuel Marquez. He got out to an early lead over Choc and Choc pecked his way back to win a decision in a great fight. That was HUGE.

Juan Manuel Marquez over Manny Pacquiao. To ko a top 20 ever fighter the way Marquez did Pacman is historically off the charts. That’s one of the best wins in history, especially considering Pac won 3 more titles after the fight.

Andre Ward over Carl Froch and Sergey Kovalev. The reason why Ward may win Fighter of the Decade is because he has two of the best wins of the decade. Froch is a top 10 ever at 168. Kovalev is a top 15 ever at 175. Kovalev was undefeated. Froch was highly regarded. Ward beat them both in historically significant fights.

Canelo Alvarez over GGG. I know people won’t like this but Canelo beating GGG is huge. It literally changed the projection of how each is regarded historically.

Miguel Cotto over Sergio Martinez. Every one hates on this win. But Cotto was an underdog and he became the only fighter in history to win the junior welterweight title and then the lineal middleweight title. He’s literally the first. Oscar De La Hoya is the only other junior welterweight champion to win a version of the middleweight title but it wasn’t lineal and it was a controversial win. Cotto comprehensively stopped Martinez.

Rigondeaux over Donaire. This was a fight between two of the best fighters I’ve ever seen under 126lbs. If Donaire wins this fight against the special Rigo he’s ATG with a bullet. For Rigo to turn him back was HUGE.

The wins I stated stand out to me historically. But Jrock over Hurd is hovering somewhere after those.

What do you think of the Harrison vs Charlo rematch? I think Harrison is in Charlo’s head. Charlo is a bully and a front runner who is mentally unstable. Do you think Harrison can do it again?

Also do you have a breakdown of Mikey G vs Danny G and Thurman vs Pac? I have to admit I’m not a Thurman guy because he’s the lead ducker of Errol Spence now he’s being rewarded vs an old man.

Bread’s Response: I see you’re pretty opinionated. Ok in order.

I think the Harrison vs Charlo rematch is intriguing and it’s a hard call for me. Both have some adjustments to make. First with Charlo he has to find a way to defend Harrison’s jab better. Harrison landed the counter jab often and it literally was the most noticeable punch of the fight. I also think Charlo allowed Harrison to fight at too slow of a pace. Harrison threw 377 punches vs Charlo. That’s about 31 punches/round. That’s 20 punches less than the junior middleweight average.  Charlo has to find a way to force Harrison into more exchanges instead of letting him use a simple jab and occasional right hand to keep him honest.

As for Harrison as much as I thought he boxed well. Most of the public feels as though Charlo won. I thought it was close and could have gone either way and I have no problem with the decision. But I wonder if Harrison can get another win throwing 31 punches/round. He didn’t beat Charlo up, he actually beat him with his calm demeanor. Harrison put Charlo’s fire out with water. But can that work in Vegas?

The question is will Harrison be more confident in the rematch. Charlo and his coach Derrick James will adjust. They will realize that Harrison didn’t expend much energy. I suspect Charlo will be more aggressive. If he is I wonder how Harrison will deal with it. Harrison is very conscious of getting clipped and expending too much energy. He fought a good fight but it was a conserved fight. I don’t know if he can do that again. And if he does do it again will he be rewarded. Will Charlo become too impatient trying to force the fight. I think Harrison buzzed Charlo with a right hand in the 5th round? There is a reason Charlo just didn’t steam roll Harrison. This is a tough fight to call. If this fight doesn’t end in a ko I suspect controversy.

Danny Garcia vs Mikey Garcia is good fight. I was shocked people were complaining about this fight. Mikey is still considered a top 10 P4P fighter. And Danny is bigger and considered a top 5 welterweight. Because Danny is slightly bigger many consider this an even fight. I agree.

I love this fight. Mikey throws straight, text book shots. Danny throws sharp no look hooks. Both have good chins. Both have something prove. I actually think this will be a very good fight and it’s evenly matched. I don’t have a pick right now but right at this moment I’m leaning Danny because he looked like he got his mojo back in his last fight. I think he’s coming into this fight cooking. And Danny is bigger than people realize. A lot of today’s welterweights are not 5’8. Look at Danny at weigh in stare downs, he’s 5’8 or more. He has large bone density. He has a big head. And he’s cock strong.

I favor Thurman over Pac. I think Thurman’s check left hook will be the biggest punch of the fight. But Pac is live. He has more experience than anyone in boxing. His natural ability and talent are as high as anyone’s ever. Manny also adjust ever so slightly with his punch placement. He doesn’t ko people much anymore but he hurts everyone. Manny is also unpredictable and the first time you face him it’s shocking to the neuro system.

While I expect Thurman to win. I have noticed that Thurman is not efficient in his movement. He appears at time to over move and run instead of boxing. With Manny’s fast feet he has to be careful because the judges may take rounds away against an icon if Thurman appears to be running. I like this fight.

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User Comments and Feedback
Comment by Curt Henning on 05-27-2019

[QUOTE=OldTerry;19774066]I certainly respect him for that attitude. Honor before money.[/QUOTE] absolutely...marquez is a true the guy....he could have taken what probably would have been a huge payday but didnt wanna spoil his perfect ending....rare indeed

Comment by The D3vil on 05-27-2019

[QUOTE=Robi13;19772629]If canelo goes on to be the GOAT... I know he won’t. But if he did, that wouldn’t automatically make Floyd the GOAT... my point stands... next[/QUOTE] Wrong. The argument was never that it makes Floyd the goat. The argument…

Comment by OldTerry on 05-26-2019

[QUOTE=aboutfkntime;19771513]I keep hearing that rubbish not sure why if Pac had got up and survived until the bell that round would have been scored 10-8 Marquez..... and JMM would have been leading the fight with 2x knockdowns Pac has never…

Comment by OldTerry on 05-26-2019

[QUOTE=Curt Henning;19771234]marquez has lost fights before...losing again wasnt what stopped another remember well too that there were reports he was being offered insane amounts of money too....who wouldnt take an L for 20 mil or more? marquez didnt take…

Comment by aboutfkntime on 05-26-2019

[QUOTE=Robi13;19772629][B][SIZE="3"]If canelo goes on to be the GOAT[/SIZE][/B]... I know he won’t. But if he did, that wouldn’t automatically make Floyd the GOAT... my point stands... next[/QUOTE] If Canelo is eventually regarded as a truly great fighter..... it will elevate…

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