The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tacking topics such as Kyrone Davis' loss at the hands of David Benavidez, Benavidez vs. Canelo Alvarez, Crawford vs. Porter, and more.

Hey Bread,

I tuned in for the David Benavidez/ Kyrone Davis fight and saw your good work in the corner. First and foremost your professionalism ,respect and appreciation for your fighter’s health was on display when you stopped the fight. The announcers expressed the utmost respect for you and it was clear how much you cared about Davis during and post-fight. When someone says you are a second father to them that is the ultimate compliment so big ups.

As far as Benavidez since you saw him up close does he pose the biggest threat to Canelo? Davis landed well so is he possibly a bad style to beat Canelo because he stands in the pocket and can be hit with counters? Davis was certainly landing his fair share of hooks and body shots so I wondered how you view him in that fight.

Take Care,

Aaron from Cleveland

Bread’s Response: Thank you. I think David Benavidez is the real deal. I always have. He’s loose and calm but very alert. He has excellent speed and stamina. He’s not a 1 punch ko artist but he’s a heavy handed volume puncher. His punch release is almost perfect. He reminds me of a young Canelo but taller. They have lots of similarities. Right now Canelo has the edge but not by a lot. If David can take Canelo’s punches it’s a serious task for Canelo because David’s gas tank and volume would be tough on Canelo who takes small breaks even now. But I do fear that Canelo would get to David’s body. Canelo may be the best body puncher in boxing. If he isn’t, he’s among the top 5. 

I think Canelo would get to David’s body. Now whether or not David can handle it who knows. If David has the durability it would be a fight for the ages. He’s mean, he throws lots of punches and he’s ambitious. I would love to see it.

What's up Breadman, I just wanted to show love and salute you and Kyron Davis.  He was really impressive. Everyone else is avoiding Benavidez and this kid took the fight on short notice and looked better than most. He gained a lot of fans. He's a cool, chill dude and a DOG in the ring. Salute to you him and respect to you for always carrying yourself respectfully and with class.


Bread’s Response: Kyrone is a great kid but he’s a real dog. A real dog. Fighters say they are willing do certain things in that ring but very few are really that GAME. He’s dead game and that’s why I stopped it. I hope now he can get some favorable treatment and he get a big fight at 160lbs on at least 6 weeks notice. He’s live with anyone in the world.

Hey Bread,

You had to throw in the towel, Davis is too tough to quit. I pray that Davis becomes champion he's a good kid with good skills. Hopefully this fight will be the one that gives him the boost he needs. Just imagine if he had a full camp?

Bread’s Response: If he had a full camp I don’t believe I would have had to throw the towel in. I’m not saying I know he would have won or anything like that. I respect Benavidez and his game. But I don’t think I would have had to stop it. I stopped it because Kyrone was trying to get his 2nd wind and I don’t think he would have gotten it under the circumstances. In a full camp I would have been confident, he would have.

Hey Mr. Edwards, before I get to my question I wanted to let you know Kyrone Davis made a new fan in me this weekend. I’m sorry the fight didn’t go your way but I was deeply impressed at the courage with which he fought and I think he will score a big win before it’s over if he gets more opportunities. My question today is to ask you to take a trainer’s eye view of how you would train Joe Louis to fight Muhammad Ali in some kind of Field of Dreams scenario. I agree with the consensus that Ali is the greatest heavyweight but I think the gap between them isn’t as dramatic as some people believe. That being said Ali could be a nightmare for Joe- Joe’s a plodder, Ali is as fast as Billy Conn but 35 pounds heavier- but I also know Ken Norton’s jab bothered Ali and Louis’ is maybe the best ever. Do you consider that fight close or does Ali have a huge edge, and what would Louis have to do in that scenario?

Thanks, Luke

South Carolina 

Bread’s Response: Ali vs Louis has two possibilities in my opinion. It could be an Ali dominant but competitive points win. Or Louis could give him fits and it be a very close fight that could go either way. I don’t believe Louis could dominate Ali. I could see Ali dominating Louis more than I can see Louis dominating Ali. No one could dominate a prime Ali because he scores too many points and his chin is too good. But make no mistake this is a winnable fight for Louis. Watch Louis of the mid to late 30s. I have studied Louis extensively and I am of the belief that he even started to slip before he took off 4 years because of WWII. In the Billy Conn fight I think he was considered to be in his prime but if you look close he was on the other side of his APEX. So let’s say Louis from about 1937-38 and Ali from 64-67. 

Louis was not a plodder. He was a shuffler. Meaning his feet basically stayed on the ground. It looked as if he was moving slower than normal but he stayed in punching position and somehow caught up to everyone. His feet being on point was the key to his greatness but yet it was fixation of his critique. Very similar to Alexis Arguello. If you watch Louis vs Schmeling in their rematch, there was nothing slow about his feet. Louis moved as fast as he needed to and his 2 fisted attacked was the best in boxing history. 

I would have Louis work on jabbing with and under Ali’s jab. Louis used to slide his head off to the right and allow the opponents jab to go past the left side of his while simultaneously jabbing himself. Ali was able to out jab some of the best jabbers in history. Bob Foster, Sonny Liston and George Foreman. Only Ken Norton was able to match Ali’s jab. I would also have Louis only throwing his right hand to the body unless Ali was up against the ropes. Ali could make you look foolish if you tried to land big shots on him in the center of the ring. A big key in this fight would be Louis’s hook. Everyone talks about his right hand but his hook was just as good and he could hook off of the jab. That would be a major key when Ali customarily pulled back. Once Ali went to the ropes, then and only then would I have Louis let go the right hand to the head. Great fight between the 2 best heavyweights ever.

Peace Bread,

I hope AJ takes Ellerbe's suggestion and tap you to train him lol.I had a question about Randy Shields. Apparently he beat SRL in the amateurs, even buzzing him in the last round causing him to spit out his mouthpiece. They also fought early in SRL's career in 1978 and legend has it that SRL didn't want the fight televised. Have you ever heard of this? I saw some really bad footage of a small clip of the fight but they say Ray won but didn't look great. Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things but I just find these little stories fascinating and I know Ray is your guy.

Be well!

Jerry L. Christian

Bread’s Response: Randy Shields was a capable guy. He fought Hearns, Cuevas and Benitez along with Leonard. That was a rough era. I also saw the footage and what it looked like to me was growing pains. Leonard was matched extremely tough. He fought several Ring Rated contenders even before he won the title. Shields did beat him as an amateur. Shields also fought Benitez, Hearns and Cuevas at a more developed stage than he fought Leonard. Leonard’s fights were on video before and after the Shields fight, so I can definitely see someone not wanting that video to surface. It’s no big deal now but at the time Leonard’s team may have not wanted people to see him struggle somewhat with a guy who knew how to fight him. It happens.

Hi Breadman I hope all is well. I enjoy your weekly Mailbag very much. It should be required reading for every boxing fan. You give insights with explanations of how you arrive at your ideas and opinions  you do not just pontificate like some pundits. You are also a fight historian which is very rare these days.  In your opinion please rank the top 5 boxers of all time in each category. Left jab, cross, uppercut, hook , right jab, cross, uppercut and hook.  Best body puncher  left hand right hand. Best footwork. Best defense. Best stamina. Best heart. Best chin. Best ring IQ. Thanks again We value your opinions and insights much appreciated.

Bread’s Response: Aw man these list are harder than you guys realize.  Ok off the top of my dome. I don’t have time to do right jab and left jab or from both sides as far as southpaws and orthodox fighters. That’s a lot of research.

Jab: Ali, Holmes, Hearns, Louis, Whitaker. Hagler honorable mention

Cross: Louis, Hearns, Arguello, Pacquiao, Lennox Lewis

Uppercut: Louis, Arguello, Leonard, Tyson, Ricardo Lopez

Hook: Robinson, Frazier, Louis, Donaire, Jones

Body Puncher Left Hand: Zale, Mickey Ward, Chavez, McClellan, McCallum

Body Puncher Right Hand: Julian Jackson, Ray Robinson, Roy Jones, Foreman, Arguello.

Best Footwork: Ricardo Lopez, Salvador Sanchez, Ali, Loma, Willie Pep

Best Defense: Mayweather, Whitaker, Pep, Benitez, Toney

Best Stamina: Sanchez, Armstrong, Pryor, Leonard, Fenech

Best Heart: Ali, Holyfield, Marciano, Gatti, Corrales

Best Chin: Chuvalo, Tex Cobb, Jake Lamotta, Marvin Hagler, Julio Cesar Chavez

Best Ring IQ: Ali, Mayweather, Hopkins, Jones, Leonard.

Can a fighter who wasn't regarded as much of a puncher, suddenly much later in their career become a one shot KO artist without PED's? What's the likelihood?

Bread’s Response: A fighter who is not a ko puncher can score a 1 punch ko. I’ve seen that happen. See Michael Nunn vs Sambu Kalambay. But scoring a 1 punch ko and becoming a ko artist is different. I would be very curious if a fighter became a ko artist late in his career if he wasn’t considered much of a puncher for most of his career. It’s not very likely.


Hope you are good and looking forward to fight November 20th.Got no problem if people think Alvarez is the best boxer today even though I have a different opinion.  I think Inoue Crawford Alvarez in that order but just my opinion but I am interested in your opinion on something. If you go back to all of Alvarez's fights since Mayweather and take out his fights with GGG who has he fought that presented real danger?  When Ali fought Foreman that was a fight that presented real danger.  I just remember Jim Brown doing the announcing and him being in such fear of Ali's well being. Where do you put Crawford's level of his opponent coming up(porter) in comparison with those fighters Alvarez has fought since Mayweather(except GGG) in terms of ability and level of danger?  Alvarez has power skills a great defense and chin but still fights seemingly similar people.

If he fights Benavidez and breaks him down I feel that will be a more important fight to his legacy than any of those past fights in the past 5 years. (except GGG) Because Benavidez presents danger.  What is your opinion on that possible fight?? As a boxing fan and one of both Benavidez and Alvarez I would really enjoy that fight.

Thank You, Rich Mathews

Bread’s Response: Alvarez fought Lara, Smith and Plant since Mayweather. I think they all presented real danger of him losing. I have to give him credit, I still can’t believe how easily he dominated Callum Smith. Smith didn’t win one round and he was undefeated in a unification fight. That’s very rare. In Smith’s last fight, he scored a scary brutal ko. Smith never came close to doing damage to Canelo but he damaged most of his opponents. You have to tip your hat to the red head. I would like to see Canelo fight Andrade, Charlo and Benavidez as much as anyone. But because they haven’t fought each other, the outcry won’t be big for them to get the fight with Alvarez. Whoever wants Canelo needs to start becoming a sniper and picking off potential opponents. I think Canelo is going to start making fighters who want him, do that. 

I know his critics will say, who did Saunders and Plant beat to EARN a shot and they will have good points. But that doesn’t mean he won’t start changing things up.

Crawford’s level of opponents have been solid but not great. He hasn’t gotten the BIG names but most long reigns of being undefeated feature solid B level fighters. Crawford’s resume is not as bad as some like to say. Feliz Diaz was a gold medalist and was a victim of a poor decision vs Lamont Peterson. Victor Postol gave Jose Ramirez and Josh Taylor tougher fights than he gave Crawford and they fought him after Crawford. Ricky Burns is a 3 division titlist and Crawford fought him on the road. Mean Machine just gave Vergil Ortiz a serious scare. Yuri Gamboa was 23-0 when he fought Crawford. He fought Tank Davis and Devin Haney many years after and went 12 rounds. People say he was too small for Crawford at 135 but he was much older when Davis and Haney fought him. Crawford doesn’t have a great win. But his good wins are good. 

Crawford’s big issue is inactivity at 147 and no big names and it’s been going on too long in my opinion. But people call his resume trash and it’s just inaccurate. He’s fought several undefeated fighters, who were in their primes or fighters who were real threats and very capable. I never fall into the bs. Crawford’s resume is a 7 on a scale of 1-10. It’s not as horrible as some make it out to be. They try to discredit his greatness. 

Again Crawford’s biggest issue has been his run at 147 and not being able to land big fights. Alvarez’s opponents have been better. But not by as much as it seems. If you throw out GGG it’s closer. For example Canelo has big events and names. Names like Kovalev who was shot. And events like Chavez and Fielding who were no threats. I don’t want to nitpick. Canelo has an excellent resume and it’s better than Crawford’s. But Canelo has more resources and a bigger machine behind him. His opponents are made to look a certain way. 

Benavidez, Charlo, Andrade and Beterbiev are all threats and excellent fights for Canelo. But Canelo can only fight, 1 fight at a time. We have to be fair with our expectations. 

I know you just got done with a valiant effort against Benavidez, congrats to you and Kyrone for a great fight on short notice. I have noticed you're not too high on Benavidez as far as thinking if he's capable of top p4p status and I'm wondering why. What do you see in him that makes you see less of a ceiling and probably had an impact on taking the fight short notice. He's a 2x world champion and only 6 months older than Boots Ennis and with basically no amateur experience and looks as polished or more against championship level fighters as Boots does vs gatekeepers and showcase opponents.

He's a terminator who cuts off the ring with little effort, throws blazing combinations, can throw every punch from every angle, throws every punch while shifting better than Golovkin did. He has huge power and great speed, an underrated jab. 3-4 more rounds of that fight and Kyrone may not have been knocked out but he would have had years taken off. Benavidez has great stamina and throws as fast and hard early as late in the fight. A calculated attack where he mixes in punches that play off of each other. He sets traps which i think you saw during the fight. He often leaves a punch lingering then the next time he does it he anticipates the counter attack from a fighter and counters that from the trap he set. I saw it about 5 times during the fight with Davis. And David absolutely just wants to fight anyone and everyone. Down to earth, humble kid.

I know from resume how he can be left off of p4p lists but I don't know what you see with the eye ball test that i don't see. I think he's 60/40 over Canelo and would love to see it because I think we can see Canelo vs a real challenge and whatever result I would love to see because it would help the greatness of Canelo in my eyes if he beats him. What am I not seeing where you think Boots can be top p4p but I haven't seen you champion Benavidez, is it solely because you saw Boots in the gym when he was young? Benavidez was getting the best of Kelly Pavlik at 15 years old with 0 amateur experience. Also did the fight change your opinion about him?

Thanks, Jake

Bread’s Response: I’m confused. When have I ever said David Benavidez was not the truth? Frankly you guys don’t write in often about him. But I’ve always been complimentary of him. He’s a monster. But no fighter is perfect. The only slight criticism I may have said is he can be hit to the body because he stands straight up and he walks foot over foot but that works for him. That’s 100% accurate if you’ve ever watched him fight. 

I think you just wanted to write in about David and instead of just writing in you made up something that wasn’t true to get a response. I think the world of the kid. I took the fight on two weeks notice because Kyrone Davis is a dog and he wanted to fight. He wasn’t getting opportunities at 160, so we rolled the dice. We believed in ourselves, it had nothing to do with looking down on David. 

You keep comparing Benavidez to Boots Ennis. It seems like you don’t like me giving Boots props and somehow you take it as a slight towards David. That’s telling. You know I’ve never said a bad word about David. But you want the compliments I’ve given Boots to be bestowed upon David. And it aggravates you because you believe David is better. He may or may not be. I don’t know yet. Both are tremendous talents. David is more proven against a higher level. But their situations are different. 

The machines behind them are different. David is in a thinner division to work through and he was afforded more opportunities earlier. You don’t see many 21 yr olds fighting for welterweight titles do you. Tell me the last time you have seen a 21 yr old fighter win a welterweight title? If I remember correctly it was the great Felix Trinidad way back in 1993, 28 years ago. Why? Because at welterweight the waters are a little more choppy and fighters need a little more development. So Boots is 24 and he hasn’t had Benavidez’s opportunities yet. It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon. I believe both will be superstars one day. But Don’t be disingenuous when you write in. Just write in.

Breadman-your mailbag feeds and educates my mind and spirit each week thank you.  Props to you for seeing greatness early, I still like other 125-135lbers more than Shakur Stevenson but I get why you told me two years ago that you wouldnt pick anybody under 135 to beat him.   On this Veterans Day, can you give me your top 5 veterans of in boxing-Joe Louis, Leon Spinks, Tim Bradley and Ray Mercer come to mind for me but I know you will shed light like nobody else. Lastly, it seemed like Caleb Plants left back was red from shoulder blade to hip and that canelo was ripping rabbit punches to his flank and Kidney but I also know that the flank is a good area to attack against the Philly shell.   Do you consider the blows he was landing legal or illegal, as he was rarely warned and I thought some of them seemed like fouls?   What did your keen objective eyes see? And finally Canelo is generating tremendous torque on his shots and his golf game will only enhance that rotation.  

Billy Bomaye

Bread’s Response: Before 1970 most of our top fighters were military guys. Obviously Joe Louis stands tall and is popular for his military service but Sugar Ray Robinson was also in the military. So many greats it’s hard to name the 5 best. But Robinson and Louis are the top 2.

Yes Shakur Stevenson is a great fighter and is going to be very hard to beat. He has that lock in ability. At 135lb it may get a little harder but he’s going to be a tough out there also. I think he beats everyone at 130. Stevenson has a chance to win titles from 126-147. In this era, I don’t look at just the division titles. I look at the rarity of the accomplishments. For example only Manny Pacquiao and Henry Armstrong have won titles at 126 and at 147. Stevenson has a chance do so. He has the body type and field. I’m pretty confident he will win 3 division titles. 5 is tough, but 3 is in his sights. 

I think the shot Canelo was landing was legal. Because he turns his fist DOWN it looks illegal but it’s not. It lands on the side. Obviously some may stray towards the back area but for the most part it’s a legal shot. It’s dangerous because it does effect the kidneys. When I first saw Caleb bend to his right and Canelo slid up on him. I got scared for Caleb. Canelo didn’t take the shot right away. He computed where Caleb was going to be. 

I don’t know why Caleb kept giving that shot up but sometimes fighters create a muscle memory they can’t break. And sometimes a great fighter has a way of putting you in that position. Whatever the case, Canelo had that shot all night and I have no doubt it was the main reason why he won. It depleted Caleb. It weakened him. That’s what great fighters do. They find shots.

Hello Breadman,                            

With the Crawford Porter fight this weekend , I see people talking about this being the toughest test for Crawford. It may be , but I do not see how Porter can win this fight . The only question in my mind is if Crawford stops him or not. Would love to hear your breakdown on the styles in this fight . Also , do you ever expect Crawford Spence to fight anytime soon. It really is the fight people want to see .

Thank You, J.B.

Bread’s Response: I’m glad I got a Crawford vs Porter question. I think Crawford has the advantage in this fight. I think both are athletic but Crawford has a more refined athleticism. I think Crawford is the sharper more accurate fighter and he’s more naturally talented. But Porter is in the fight. Porter has things you can’t measure. He has will and determination. If he fights a perfect fight he can win. I am very curious at to what style Porter will fight. He has to somehow figure out a way to minimize Crawford showing his talent. 

Abner Mares fought one of those fights vs Anselmo Moreno. Montell Griffin fought one vs Roy Jones. The better fighter doesn’t always win. Shawn just has to be better for one night. I think Crawford will press the fight. I think he’s going to attempt to hit Shawn to his body and clip him jumping in. When Shawn is fighting outside I expect Crawford to stalk him with a jab. Look for Crawford’s check right hook to be his favorite shot. I think Shawn will try to fight a multi layered fight. He doesn’t know exactly what will work so he’s going to try a few different things. I expect a smash and grab style. And I expect some boxing and moving. Both come in great shape but Crawford is more energy efficient. I’m also curious to see how Shawn operates from the 9-12th. That’s when Bud really zones in for the ko. Shawn has never been kod. 

Hey Mr Edwards,

I haven't written in since before Fury-Wilder III. I trust you and yours are well. I've heard you say, and many have confirmed, that your breakdowns of a fight are much better than your picks. I sometimes think that your wrong picks are made tongue in cheek, just to spoil a perfect prediction, as it were.

Take Fury-Wilder for instance. I honestly felt, with a few adjustments, Wilder could do something. However, when I read something you wrote about Wilder having bulked up, I wished I could have had the time to change my prediction. The mystery for me is why would Wilder have persisted with bulking up when even a blind man could see that his best performance against Fury was in the first fight when he entered the ring lean and at his optimum fighting weight which used to be well below the weights of both sequels against Fury? The extra bulk did nothing to aid his power or strength and robbed him of the speed, dynamism, athleticism and split second timing he needs to effect the quick step in and pulverizing right hand. He was just a sitting duck and the American version of Frank Bruno against Fury.

I don't want to dwell on Canelo-Plant because my prediction was spot on. I don't know which fight those who say Plant was competitive were watching. Canelo did pretty much as he pleased and boxed well within himself. He was far more skillful and yes even quicker than Plant and could have taken him out much sooner than the 11th round had he wished to do so. I do want to ask you though if inactivity did not hurt Plant as I suspected it would. While he waited to cash his lottery ticket, Canelo maintained a competitive edge by taking at least two more fights since Plant beat Caleb Truax. Had Plant taken on, and beaten David Benavidez, I think he stood a better chance of upsetting Canelo.

On to Crawford-Porter. Props to Porter for demanding and taking the fight. Porter is a throwback and could box against welterweights of any era and would probably be outclassed only by Ray Robinson, Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Wilfred Benitez and Roberto Duran ...and Crawford. Yes, from the half way mark on, Crawford is going to pull away and I wouldn't be too surprised if Crawford stops him late. After all, Adriene Broner, who is nowhere near Crawford as a puncher, almost KO'd Porter in the final round of their fight some years ago. Of course if Porter hurts Crawford early then it will be a shorter fight because a hurt Crawford is more dangerous than an unscathed Crawford. But Porter is the sort of guy who must get into the HOF based purely on the guys he fought and the performances he gave, irrespective of the results.

Finally, am I the only one Mr Edwards or has Crawford-Spence lost its allure or appeal, even significance, in welterweight history? All the blame to Spence and his not so sophisticated duck of the "other side of the street" nonsense. Crawford said he wouldn't want to fight him coming back from the accident and I think he will be less inclined to fight him coming back from torn retina surgery. Crawford cannot be faulted if he were to pour cold water on such a fight because he, and some of us, do not want to hear argument that he would not have beaten a pre-accident Spence. Let's just accept that Spence's duck killed what was potentially one of the superfights of the historically superfight-laden welterweight division. Keep punching Mr Edwards.


Johannesburg, South Africa.

Bread’s Response: My breakdowns are better than my picks. My breakdowns are my knowledge. My picks are educated guesses with many variables. But neither are tongue and cheek. 

I never understood why Wilder wanted to get bigger. His main asset is the speed of the delivery of his right hand. He’s not as fast at 230 as he is at 215. 

I don’t think Broner almost kod Porter. He just dropped him with a good shot. Porter was ok. 

I think Spence vs Crawford has lost some luster until they announce the fight and then everyone will go crazy in anticipation.

What up Bread,

Right to it sir... Belated congrats to you and your family with the Jr. Olympics. One of my brothas-from another-mother was down there with his daughter (first year in the sport and she took 4th in the triathlon) they were in the same heat as yall I think and he told me your daughter was the truth so kudos to yall cuz he's a tough critic and he could tell yall be working working so salute. And expect some comp next year lol. To boxing then... who you got this weekend? I'm going with Porter even though I know he's up against it. I like his energy and honesty going into this fight. He's open about the implications of another loss and he's saying this is do or die for his legacy and on his podcast he said this is his Hagler/Hearns moment so I'm rolling.

Speaking of Porter I'm thinking back to the Broner fight.... When AB fought Mikey G of the main narratives in the online boxing community was that Haymon was cashing out on AB but I disagree. I feel like he started that with the Porter fight. If anyone knows the mantra "Hard work beats talent when talent don't work hard" it's someone smart as AH. I just feel like that was such a genius/strategic play. You juxtapose the two personalities and it's a win-win. Either the good humble hard working kid is elevated or the assh-le next Floyd restarts his ascent to superstardom. Back to current events.... you mentioned that Caleb Plant hits a wall in fights. I think it's because of his lats... that dude got some serious wings on him and they are strong as sh!t. I saw him doing the flagpole exercise and you cannot do that unless your lats are developed but I know from reading the experts that they suck up a LOT of the oxygen in your blood. Couple that with that right hand that Canelo kept landing in that area and I see why that fight went the way it went.

Calling it now.... superfight of 2025 will be Boots vs Shakur.  I think Boots will still be at the weight and Shakur has the frame to go up to 147. Who do you like in that? Speaking of Shakur he should just jump to 140 now. Here's my math: Valdez aint in a hurry to fight so quit chasing... All the big names at 135 are going to keep dancing around each other until they are at 147 and if he goes to 135 they will just make room on the dance floor for him.... So might as well beat them up the ladder. Take a bottom top 10 fight to get used to the weight then fight Taylor... That way when the new so called 4 kings get to 140 they got no choice but to fight him. What you think? Peace

Bread’s Response: That’s awesome. Tell your brotha to introduce himself at the next meet. As for the comp, we welcome. It makes the kids better. Sugar Ray has had a target on her back since she was 8. She’s a good kid. She just does her best. 

So you’re taking Porter. I like the guts of your pick. Porter has WAR on his trunks. So let’s expect violence. I think if Porter implements this style then he better not run out of gas. We have to remember Marvin Hagler got Hearns in 3. Greatest GAMBLE in boxing history. 

Great observation on Plant’s lats. I’ve also noticed they’re really developed. I’ve never seen a long distance runner with large developed lats. So you may have a point. Personally I’ve always felt that building unnecessary muscles causes fighters to get tired quicker because those muscles require blood and oxygen maintenance. Interesting…..

Shakur is too small for Boots. If they were the same size it’s a great fight. But they aren’t. They are pretty much equally talented but Boots is taller, longer, weighs about 20lbs more and hits way harder.

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