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Daily Bread Mailbag: Crawford, Andy Ruiz, Jones, Ramirez-Taylor

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as the junior welterweight scrap between Jose Ramirez and Josh Taylor, more on the career of Roy Jones, the future of former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz, and much more.

Greetings, Stephen.

I've been following your Mailbag for a while, but it's the first time I'm writing.

What are your thoughts on Ramirez-Postol fight from last Saturday? Do you agree with the decision?

Personally, I scored the fight 115:113 for Ramirez. I thought, activity (which, to me, wasn't as ineffective as many say) and cleaner, head snapping type of shots sealed the deal for Avenal native.

Postol boxed well, but perhaps was a little too  cute in terms of his approach. But that's me. Many people had my fellow Ukrainian countryman winning.

As of now, how do you view an anticipated Taylor-Ramirez fight? Who'd you favour and why? Also, given Postol's affiliation with PBC, he might get a fight with Regis Prograis or Mario Barrios down the road. How do you see Postol fairing against both of these fighters?

Thank you. - Edward. Ukraine.

Bread’s Response: Victor Postol is one of those fighters that if you aren’t living in the era, you won’t know beating him is a resume filler. He’s a hard fight. He gave Josh Taylor a battle also. Only Terence Crawford dominated him and the first few rounds of that were close.

I still think Jose Ramirez is the goods. But this isn’t the first time I saw him struggle. He’s an excellent fighter but he’s not going to blow everyone out. You don’t see that often with swarming fighters unless they are super athletic or freakish punchers. He’s neither. So I think we need to realize what he is before we over criticize.

I think Taylor vs Ramirez is still a great competitive fight. I think Ramirez will be much better vs Taylor. You have to realize fighters get UP for certain occasions. Don’t expect the same Ramirez who fought Postol to show up vs Taylor. I think this will be fight of the year. I think Taylor edges it in a grueling affair. Both will leave the ring with the heads held high.



I was watching some fights from the 1980s, and it still baffles me to this day that Sumbu Kalambay is not in the hall of fame. Everyone talks about his 1st round KO loss to Nunn, but he was so much more than that. He fought the great Mike McCallum even twice with a win, beat the talented Herol Graham twice, has a win over Iran Barkley and beat Steve Collins before he went on his monster run to close his career. Would he be in the HOF if he had not been KO'd in a round by Nunn? Is that loss really the deciding factor in him being in the HOF or not? If so, what a shame.

Another thing I was watching was Jermell's youtube show. He was two weeks out before his official camp was going to start and was already close to weight. That got me to thinking, what is the weight you want your fighters to enter camp? I heard Robert Garcia say he prefers fighters to be around 10 pounds off so they don't have to overtrain to make weight but at the same time they won't peak too early. What is your preference?

Take care.

Bread’s Response: Sambu Kalambay could GO. I think he is a HOF. The 1st rd ko loss does hurt him because that was his Super Bowl here in the US. If he beats Nunn he’s a lock. But I think the American Press over looks him. He was a black guy from France, who didn’t speak English and he was more boxer than puncher. He was just a fighter. Nothing wrong with that but he didn’t have a loud look at me attitude. He also emerged at a time when Hagler was gone and a little before Toney, Hopkins and Jones. So while he was fighting during Hagler and the great American trios eras, that wasn’t his Apex. So he gets lost. But everyone who was around in the 80s know he was a bad ass and he would have had a good chance of dethroning the older Hagler in 1987.

A while back, I remember reading some troll commenting about Andre Ward saying something like “he retired to duck the younger guys like Beterbiev and The Nail”. I also think, at some point, this same troll accused Rocky Marciano of ducking Nino Valdes.

Some trolls are so pathetic that it’s almost comical. But, while I normally laugh and brush things like that off… these comments struck a nerve. It’s like they proved the point that some boxers can’t win for losing. I mean, Roy Jones and Muhammad Ali have taken criticism for hanging on too long. Now, when a boxer like Rocky or SOG decide to walk away on top, they take heat for not facing literally EVERY single guy in line. Isn’t that insane?

What do you make of this insanity? Is this even close to legit?

On a side note: A lot of champs move up after unifying (especially if they unify ALL the belts)… but do you think there are some that should’ve stuck around and defended their belts? Do there need to be more title defenses from champs?

Bread’s Response: Boxing Trolls are not human. They are made up characters in the subconscious. They’re losers. They are the worst sports fans of all. They over criticize everything and nothing makes them happy. Don’t read their comments or engage. Trust me. And block them on twitter when you see them trolling, even if the convo doesn’t involve you.

Specifically Andre Ward retired when he was ready. Think about this. What was said about Ward can literally be said about every fighter in a literal sense. Unless everyone else in his division retired when he did then there is always going to be a leading contender.

Ward fought his super fight twice vs an undefeated Krusher Kovalev. That was the fight everyone wanted and he gave it to us twice. Beterbiev is a monster but in 2016 and 17 Kovalev was the established star and Beterbiev was just a contender. Haters are always going to hate.

Marciano retired at a good time. He was a short fighter who had to train freakishly hard to get into fighting shape. It’s obvious that Marciano and Ward had more fights left in them. But here is the thing. It’s better to retire a couple of fights too soon, than a couple of fights too late. Both of their legacies are in tact in my opinion. They did what they did. Envy is the reason for harsh criticism when it’s not merited. It’s nothing wrong with a fighter retiring at their best. That’s like the crowd at the casino getting made because you walk away at the black jack table after winning. They instead want to see you broke before you get up. Don’t give them the pleasure.

Hey Breadman,

I read the exchange in your mailbag with a fan regarding Roy Jones. I agree with you re: his legacy. He had the ability to make just about every quality fighter he faced look like the same guy same in the ring, many of whom went on to become champions . I was seriously upset for a few days when he beat James Toney. Toney's excuses don't hold up; Roy was just better. I call him the Michael Jordan of boxing.

Regarding "misses" during his light-heavyweight reign; I remember Graciano Rocchigiani winning a lawsuit vs. the WBC for handing RJJ the LH belt after Rocchigiani beat Michael Nunn for it. I think both of those guys could be considered glaring "misses" in Roy's record, even though I believe he'd have beaten both guys. You have the ability to look at these things from angles non-boxing people don't see. What's your take?

Lastly: Andy Ruiz. People piled on him, but I was impressed that he took the heat AJ threw at him for 12 rounds. He's a very tough guy, he's just a half-level below the elite because he's over 30 and still seems unable to summon the discipline needed to reach his potential. Do you think changing trainers is the answer, or will this problem persist as he moves from one to another?


Gabe, Prunedale

Bread’s Responses: I love Roy Jones. I defend his legacy more than any other fighter’s. I’ve probably seen 30 of his fights and I watched his entire prime from when he was a young prospect on NBC up until his fight rematch with Bernard Hopkins. I literally close my eyes when a highlight of his ko losses are shown. I can’t watch them. I root against Denis Lebedev every time he fights. I can admit it now I was a Roy Jones guy.

But I am also fair. And yes missing Nunn and Rocchigiani count against his legacy. I won’t come up with an excuse because I have no idea why he chose not fight either guy. But the fights were there. And something happened with the WBC. It was bizarre. Maybe one day a reporter can ask Roy, Nunn or Rocchigiani what really happened. I know Roy was champion in 1997. And Nunn and Rocchigiani fought for the vacant WBC belt in 1998. I believe Nunn was Roy’s mandatory……..

I thought Manny Robles leading Andy Ruiz to win the heavyweight title in 2019 was the biggest event of the year. They beat a huge favorite in Anthony Joshua on short notice. I thought Ruiz looked excellent in that fight. He had solid tactics. He was swarming Joshua and punching with him to get the stoppage. But many forget he was jabbing him right in his chest earlier putting mental pressure on him. Sometimes the shorter fighter over punches and lunges. Ruiz was hitting the closest thing to him and it caused discomfort for Joshua. Great performance.

When Ruiz showed up out of shape for the rematch, I didn’t think Robles did anything wrong. I thought Ruiz enjoyed himself too much being the champion. You can’t blame that on a trainer. That’s lack of self discipline. Robles didn’t forget how to train from the 1st fight to the rematch. By firing Robles, it’s indirectly blaming him…

I have no idea if changing trainers will make Ruiz more discipline. What I do know is that it wasn’t Robles’s fault. Discipline is obeying the rules, using punishment to correct disobedience. If you want honesty. A trainer can’t discipline an unwilling fighter. I mean how can the trainer punish them? He can’t fine the fighter because the fighter pays him? This isn’t a team sport where the team has an owner. The fighter is the owner. The only thing a trainer can do is quit the job or tell what really happened after the fighter puts on a lackluster performance. If you really think about it, a fighter has to allow himself to be disciplined and redirected. It’s not an easy job fellas.

Whenever I see a fighter who has lack of discipline go to new coaches trying to find discipline I just shake my head. I always feel for the coach who he left. In this case I felt horrible for Robles.

The more I think about it, I suspect Ruiz will be disciplined for the new trainer in the beginning because if he shows lack of discipline with a new trainer then his career as a strong contender is over. But over the long haul is the true test of change ways.

Hi Stephen

I am always reading your mailbag with great interest but i have not written to you for a while due to lack of time.

I am just reacting to your last mailbag when you are mentioning marcel cerdan as one of the 3 best african fighters of all times.

I had already seen doug fisher (for whom like yourself i have a lot of respect) mentioning marcel cerdan as an african boxer and as a frenchman i feel obliged to correct you.

It is true that marcel cerdan was born in north africa but at the time most of those countries were French colonies (which is an unfortunate and not glorious part of French history, at least from my perspective) but he is 100 pct a frenchman and i do not think that it is correct to refer him as an african boxer.

It not the end of the world of course but we do not have that many world class french boxers, so we would rather not have them put under another flag :)

keep up the good work

chris from france

Bread’s Response: I apologize if I offended anyone. I always considered Cerdan a Frenchman until I did research. But it’s not up to me. I may have been too literal. What’s important is what he considered himself. If he identified himself as a Frenchman then he’s a Frenchman. I won’t argue that. I have a niece who was born in Japan on a US Airforce Base. She’s American. I know that can be tricky so I get it.

Hey man, hope all is well on your end.

So I read last weeks' mailbox about Jones jr and then asked you about Jones's ATG standing IF he had retired after the Ruiz bout. I also agree that he's top 10 ever if he does retire.

Here's my question, can you think of anybody else who hurt their ATG standing more than Jones jr by continuing to fight on?

Bread’s Response: No. Unfortunately I can’t.


Hope all is well with you and yours.

Quickly, in your personal opinion do you think that Adrien Broner can supersede the problems he is dealing with? The jail time and civil suits? He has talent, is his ego overriding his legacy at this point?

Also what is it gonna take for Bud to cross the line and touch up some PBC fighters? I spend time with Keith Thurman and Dan Birmingham, they want that fight and they never asked for 10 mill. It was 3 million plus incentives if Keef wins. What is you opinion.

Thank You for all the knowledge you provide us weekly.

Jon (NC Uppercut)

Bread’s Response: I think when Top Rank runs out of fights for him then he will get the big PBC fight. But they have fights. It looks like Kell Brook. Then possibly the winner of Taylor vs Ramirez. That’s a whole year! Crawford is 33. It’s just the business of boxing. I understand it.

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