The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen Breadman Edwards tackling topics such as Oscar Valdez's huge knockout of Miguel Berchelt, Adrien Broner's return, Canelo Alvarez, Deontay Wilder, and much more.

Hope all is well Breadman,

I feel like you deal with a lot of haters that won’t ever come close to accomplishing what you did with Jrock. So to the fight today, Berchelt Vs Valdez I see this being a beat down. Berchelt being to big and to strong it ends in the 4th. Berchelt was KO’d in the 1st round back in 14 I just don’t see Valdez being able to cause a disruption. I see Broner beating this Kid down and claiming he’s back. He needs to stay away from 147 and get to 140.

Brezeale Vs Wallin should be fun but I feel like Dominic blast him out in 8. Sometime a fighter give a good account but then perception is skewed. I’m rooting for Wallin but I feel like he’s being rated off a close loss(granted I understand it was a great showing and depending on the ref he could of upset fury).  I see The Push for Porter facing Crawford, I honestly feel Crawford will hurt Porter. Seems like Haney can’t catch a Break looks like everyone is finding a reason not to fight him. One thing I notice is body language (I’m not saying anyone is scared) but what I noticed is Teo when he was next to Haney during a while back and they were discussing their sparing it seemed as if teo seemed nervous letting Haney Take control and submitting in how the story was being told, Same with Garcia for all of Ryan’s self belief he seems to want to wait till later to fight Haney knowing it’s the most difficult fight out there.

Davis even try’s to evade that conversation. A lot of people refer to The Gamboa Fight but Gamboa fought to survive and that’s the only time I’ve seen that from him. True Haney should of pressed harder but Gamboa can still crack. I see Stevenson And Haney being left when the smokes clear but it seems like they won’t come together until 147. 6-7 years down the road.  You made mention that fighters can’t control when they are born( they can control their conditioning and discipline) so how do you see this playing out . Broner Staying at 140 and waiting on Garcia , Haney , Lopez and even going for the Taylor Vs Ramirez winner (that’s a logical money fight) Lomachenko going to 130 and Fighting Berchelt?Sorry for the long email and I know this won’t hit till next Saturday if it goes up. Have a great week

Bread’s Response: You guys have to write in by Thursday. I send my questions/comments in to the editor by Thursday no later than Friday morning….

Thanks man but I don’t worry about haters. A HATER can only bother a person with LOW SELF ESTEEM. Man when I was broke they still called me Bread. I’ve always thought highly of myself.  I’ve never let the opinion of others, affect my opinion of myself. I’m literally hater proof. I don’t hear or read anything negative about me. If someone’s energy is OFF with me in real life…kick rocks! Including blood relatives. Just hearing or reading the wrong thing, it can creep up in your Psyche and mess you up. I was once cool with a trainer who was always telling me what someone was saying on the internet. I don’t know if he believed me or not but my answer would always be the same. I don’t watch or listen and don’t tell me what “they” said. Even if it wasn’t about me I don’t like to hear what certain people have to say. Last but not least what I realized about haters is they’re stalkers. They know they don’t like you but they watch your every move. So I figured I would let them watch me be successful. Hater Kryptonite is SUCCESS.

I posted your comment because of your picks. Man you had a tough weekend, lol. Valdez fought a perfect fight. Berchelt got tore to pieces. I also thought Berchelt would win but not because of what most thought. I thought Valdez looked to be slipping. But he was just in a slump he wasn’t past it. There is a difference. Valdez looked awesome. I love when I see a fight go against the Status Quo. Valdez boxed from the outside. Used angles and feints. And literally walked Berchelt into a KILL shot. Valdez is shorter and has shorter arms but he still boxed. What people don’t understand is that height is not always predicated on who goes forward and who doesn’t. Or at what range a fight is contested at. Often times  temperament and skillset decides where a fight will be contested at. Look for Berchelt to move up immediately. And look for Valdez to be a SuperStar. Eddy Reynoso is on FIRE!

Wallin has natural boxing skills. He’s going to be tough for anyone.

Broner had a tough fight. It was very close and competitive. 

Shawn Porter will be a hard night’s work for anyone. He’s too strong, well conditioned and competitive not to be. I’m not saying he can beat Crawford. But he would make Crawford earn it.

I don’t know how things will play out with Haney, Stevenson, Lopez, Garcia or Davis. Too many promoters, advisors, managers, networks and personalities to determine. All of them are great talents and all I can say is let’s see. 

Hi, in response to another write-in. Never saw Shawn Porter give anyone an “easy night.” Maybe I missed it but win, lose or draw, Porter brings it and is in the mix against anyone IMO.

Bread’s Response: 100%. Shawn Porter is a DOG!

I just sent you three long things that I really wish that you would answer me back on really seriously canelo is 5 ft 8 maybe even a little smaller 70-in reach and doesn't get the credit for beat up there fighting at 160 154 even 160 168 little on 175 at his height at his height and arm reach he gets no credit bread man give canelo Alvarez his just dudes okay Charlo is twice as big as canelo and it's a coward he wants to fight benavidez at a catch-weight now it's okay for canelo to go up to 175 it doesn't get the credit but yet now he is a scare to go to 168 and so are his fans what a joke speak on it bread man

Bread’s Response: Bro you literally wrote me about 7 emails from a Donald Duck email, mad because I picked Andre Ward to beat Canelo in a hypothetical match up. I’m telling you right now, unless Canelo is your brother, son, 1st cousin, uncle or father. You should not feel that way about another man. It’s a freaking hypothetical match up for crying out loud. And yes I don’t care who doesn’t like it. I believe Andre Ward would beat him. 

As for Canelo Alvarez. Let me tell you something. You only hear what you WANT to hear. I just named him my SLICKEST fighter in boxing. I bet that didn’t bother you. You didn’t write in about that. You know why, because that’s what you WANTED to hear. I’ve said several times he’s a top P4P fighter. He’s from 1-3. Depending on what or who you like. Are you mad that he’s not my #1 with a bullet? If so. Guess what? I don’t care! I think it’s very close between Canelo, Bud and the Monster. If you’re unbiased they all have unique cases. He’s a HOF. Thinking hard and being honest. He’s an ATG now or very close. Very few Junior Middleweights in history have won titles at 168 and 175. I can only think of 2 and they’re Tommy Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard. That’s exclusive company. 

Winning titles from 154-175 is a lot harder than winning titles from say 122-135 in my opinion. Meaning he’s basically one of the top 100 fighters ever. Canelo might be the best defensive fighter in boxing. Because out of all of the top guys, he mixes his offense much better than anyone else considered. He also comes forward more. He has a world class chin. Elite reflexes. Great hand speed and timing. And he’s much stronger physically than people realize. And yes he’s just 5’8. I was there live when he fought Floyd and Floyd is a hair taller. The fights stats are off all the time. Canelo is NOT 5’9. So yes his accomplishments at the higher weights are ever more impressive. Canelo is also a GUN! He’s not scared of nothing. He’s a killer. I have no problem saying all of that because it’s true. 

What you obsessive fans don’t know is I get it from both sides. I have people tell me that I shouldn’t like Canelo, GGG, Inoue and Loma because they aren’t black. And that I show Canelo too much love knowing he failed PED test. But I’ve never once gave Canelo a pass for the PED issue. It’s very serious in my opinion, but again people read and hear what they want. Oh well I can’t make everyone happy. I state the truth and I state my honest opinion. Now that being said, if you ever send me 7 emails again, I’m blocking you and reporting you! You guys get too weird and it creeps me out.

Hi Bread

Love your mail bag.

Quick question who are the 3 HOFs on the 88 team?

I can only see Jones and Carbajal really qualifying. I’m guessing (and it is a guess) that you have Bowe in but that would have to be on the basis of 1 win ( Holyfield 1) - is that correct?

Take care.

Regards Dave 

Bread’s Response:  Michael Carbajal and Riddick Bowe are both in the HOF. Not an opinion. It’s a fact. And it’s my strong opinion that whenever Roy Jones is eligible. He will get in. Bowe was a great fighter. He retired 43-1. He defeated every man he ever faced, which is a rare distinction. I think he deserves to be a HOF.

Whats good Bro Bread??? I see you have received a lot of emails about Plant after his last fight. I can respect your opinion, you have been right more than you have been wrong LOL, but I think the fight is competitive the first half before Plant is stopped. Plant face shows to much damage when being hit. I think it was the Uzcategui fight that Plant was soundly in control but down the stretch he was hit a few times and it showed heavy. I think the wear and tear of Canelo on him for 12 rounds is just too much for him. I personally think Benavidez has a better shot at beating Canelo. It’s one of those fights that someone would definitely get stopped, but I think Plant beats Benavidez, just the style matchup.

I just watched the weigh in with Broner. I haven’t seen much of his opponent outside of his highlight reel but I get a feeling Broner playing boxing might catch up with him Saturday. This guy seems to have heavy hands. I saw him put several fighters down with body shots and he hasn’t learned to lose, that is a bad recipe for someone who seems to only show up for a check these days.

Now, I’m about to say something that might ruffle you a little but Broner reminds me a lot of Crawford. Not from an undisciplined stand point but from a standpoint of fighting at the lower weight class he was fighting down hill picking up steam as the fight went along and then stopping his opponent, almost bullying them down the stretch. As Broner moved up in weight class his performances begin to taper off. He had a win or two against C may B level fighters but he hasn’t done much. I really think Crawford and his handlers know that he is up against it at WW, hence the lowball offers for good matches. You telling me Porter is worth the same as Kavaliaskus???

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I have seen Bud hurt more than once by smaller men and now that he will be in with competition just as talented, he won’t fair well. This is a situation of Bob protecting his investment. We’ll see him in again with lower competition and then by the end of the year as his contract comes to an end Bob will try to feed him to the wolves.

Lastly, because I know I have run a little long. I am a huge Wilder fan but his antics with Breland has really turned me off. I wrote in before after his loss and said that I believe that Wilder had a bunch of yes men in his corner but his antics have just confirmed it for me. If I was apart of his team, I would have pulled him to the side and told him to shut up and get back in the ring. He is turning his fans off.

Bread’s Response: You know what’s crazy. I NEVER said that Plant would beat Canelo. I just said it’s a competitive fight because Plant is over 6ft. He has excellent footwork. He has a really good jab and he’s a pure boxer. He doesn’t try to overly commit and knock his opponents out. So while the fans may not enjoy his style all of the time, that style is can be tough on a fighter who wants you to commit. So I said that Plant would be a tough fight for Canelo and everyone went up in an uproar. I even had boxing people send me long novels about how the fight wouldn’t be competitive. 

So I looked back on Canelo’s record in his bigger championship fights over the years and his better opponents go the distance more times than they get stopped despite him being an excellent puncher in my opinion. Going backwards Callum Smith just got dominated but went the distance. Kovalev who is chinny went 11 rounds. Rocky Fielding got stopped. Danny Jacobs went the distance. GGG went the distance. Chavez went the distance.  Liam Smith got stopped. Amir Khan got stopped. Cotto went the distance. Kirkland got stopped. Lara went the distance. Angulo got stopped. Mayweather went the distance. Trout went the distance. Lopez got stopped. Mosley went the distance. Cintron got stopped. Gomez got stopped.  Rhodes got stopped. Hatton went the distance. So that’s Canelo’s body of work since he became a champion. He’s a big time puncher. But he’s not a KO machine. He scores some nice kos over his outmatched opponents but he goes the distance often and the trend is still prevalent currently. 

I don’t get why it’s such a foregone conclusion he brutalizes Plant. I know you said it would be competitive early but most act like Canelo steam rolls Plant. Canelo has never steamrolled an elite boxer. Not once. I do agree with you Plant had some tough moments vs Uzi. But maybe Plant has improved since. We have to see. Maybe he’s stronger. Maybe he’s more well conditioned. Maybe he’s more confident. In style match ups like this the taller, moving boxer usually has the advantage early. With the more experienced fighter using pressure having the advantage late. Often times it’s the interpretation of the judges on when that pressure started to take effect. Hurd vs Lara comes to mind. 

If Caleb Plant has elite level toughness to go along with his elite level boxing skills. This is a very winnable fight for him. Let’s see. Stylistically Plant matches up well with Benavidez. The biggest issue for Plant in that fight, is not the style, it’s Benavidez’s attitude. He’s a killer, he’s young and he doesn’t seem to discourage. If Plant can discourage Benavidez he wins. If he can’t it’s a very tough fight. Benavidez is a savage and when savages are young and in their physical primes they are rough to beat. Look at Roberto Duran in the 70s vs guys like Ken Buchanon. Buchanon was just as good as a boxer as Plant is today but Duran was a straight savage. You couldn’t keep him off of you. But as you get older, you calm down a little. You could outbox Duran in the 80s. It wasn’t all because he moved up in weight. He wasn’t as vicious anymore. He needed you to stay in front of him so he could execute his skill. Look at guys Mike Tyson and Aaron Pryor. When they were younger they were willing to walk through fire. As they got older they would check the heat. You have to be careful fighting a YOUNG Savage.

Canelo vs Benavidez would be Hella exciting. My goodness I would pay to see that. That would be a rare big PPV fight that looks like it could be FOY. Canelo has never been in a FOY that I can remember.

Broner had a very tough opponent in front of him. That guy came to bump. Crawford doesn’t remind me of Broner at all. They are exact opposites in my opinion. We disagree. Broner was accelerated earlier in his career. He had more opportunities and he had a bigger platform. But boxing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And being accelerated and being better is not always the same. Here is where they are different. As Crawford has moved up in weight he’s gotten better. Crawford has stopped more opponents. He’s become more dominant. Crawford does not have one controversial fight where anyone has come away and said they thought he lost. Broner for as talented as he is. Had controversial fights even back at 130lbs. I’m not going to nitpick Adrien because the media is very rough on him. But in fairness Crawford’s career has been much better. It just has vs every level of competition at every weight. Here is what you guys don’t realize about resumes. Broner has a better resume than Crawford because Broner can get more fights. The guys who will fight Broner won’t fight Crawford. You have to factor that in.

I think Bob Arum pays market value for fights. I think he makes offers where he doesn’t lose too much money. Where as PBC pays a higher amount relative to market value. It’s not a right or wrong thing but fighters talk... It’s a choice to operate a certain way. I don’t think Arum is protecting Crawford. He doesn’t have to. Crawford is a straight killer. I just think Bob is not willing to go broke to get Crawford certain fights.

Everyone has an opinion on the Wilder/Breland relationship. I don’t know either personally but I do know fighter/trainer relationships. It’s very tough if the personalities start to clash. It’s because of the dynamics. It’s the most unique in all of sports. The boxer is the trainer’s employer but the trainer has to tell the fighter what to do. In most cases the Employer is responsible for paying the employee directly or indirectly. But in boxing it’s reversed. That’s why in boxing there are so many YES MEN. And it’s not 100% the Yes Men’s fault. Here is why. 

Often times Self Preservation kicks in and the Yes Man will treat boxing totally like a business. If the fighter wants to do counterproductive things, the Yes Man will not argue or keep telling the fighter he’s wrong. That could cause him to lose his job or have an adversarial relationship with the fighter. So the Yes Man will say, I’m going to keep getting my check. I’ve spent too much time with this fighter to not reap the benefits of where we are now. It’s a very tough for some people to discern. I know plenty of older trainers who have personally told me, that all fighters are the same and to get the money and don’t say a word when they mess up. Don’t argue with them. They will turn on you and blame you regardless so ride the wave. It’s not in me to do that but I don’t knock anyone who does. This is a rough business with no boundaries.

One of the things that I have observed is that when a trainer is stable financially and he has other sources of income other than one particular fighter. He’s more likely to be more strict on a fighter and not take the disrespect a trainer who doesn’t, would. Again I don’t know what happened with Wilder and Breland. It’s sort of sad that it came to this. But I do know that Breland has an annuity to take care of him for the rest of his life. So having that annuity fits into what I have observed about the trainer/fighter relationships. Breland won’t go without a meal if he speaks up on something he doesn’t like. I’m curious to see who Wilder fights next and how he looks...

Saw a thing somewhere about how basketball has changed over the years, and someone who had mentioned “The Lost Art of the Mid-Range Jumper”. I don’t think boxing has changed as much over the years as basketball... but I’m curious if there is anything in boxing you would consider a lost art? Thoughts?

Bread’s Response: Anything you look at 40 years ago, then look at now, you will see some evolution. In basketball Isiah Thomas’s handle is just as good as anyone’s today. But it doesn’t “look” to be as good because it’s not as “modern”. Doctor J can leap and dunk as good as anyone today. But it doesn’t look to be the same because it’s not as modern. In boxing the evolution hasn’t taken place as much but it has taken place. Fighters are more cut. Because of nutrition and workouts. As far as styles, athletes duplicate the most successful trend. In boxing I think parrying with the lead hand is a lost art. Watch a fighter like Larry Holmes. He kept BOTH hands open and parried punches. Today fighters only parry with the rear hand. I also think true pressure fighting is a lost art. I think simply it takes too much to get into that type of conditioning. 

You’ve said in the past that Duran’s win over Leonard might be the best win in all of boxing. What are some other wins that are up there or could challenge it for Best Win Status?

Bread’s Response: This is an easier question but a very significant one. I will through history. Greb over Tunney. Armstrong over Ross. Pep over Saddler. Saddler over Pep1. Langford over Gans. Lamotta over Robinson. Harada over Jofre. Frazier over Ali. Ali over Foreman. Ali over Liston. Gomez over Zarate. Sanchez over Gomez. Leonard over Hearns. Leonard over Hagler. Hagler over Hearns. Spinks over Holmes. Whitaker should be over Chavez. Bowe over Holyfield. Holyfield over Bowe. Honeyghan over Curry. Toney over Nunn. Jones over Toney. Hopkins over Trinidad. Barrera over Hamed. Pacquiao over Barrera. Pacquiao over Oscar. Mayweather over Canelo. Mayweather over Pacquiao. Canelo over GGG.

Hi,Do you think that Berchelt was weight drained last week?  Before the first knock down he already looked terrible.Stephen, Montreal.

Bread’s Response: Here is the thing. Berchelt is a guy who has a unique body. He has the size of a junior welterweight but yet he can get down to the junior lightweight limit. When he gets to rehydrate and be strong he can bully his opponents and be too physical for them. But now that he’s lost I hear he looked weight drained. I’m not saying you’re making excuses for him but the reason people were picking him is because he was the bigger fighter. If Berchelt was a junior welterweight he wouldn’t be thought of as highly. I’m saying this to say, so what if he was weight drained. That’s what happens when you’re massive for your weight. One day the weight cut will be too difficult to sustain and you will lose. And then after you lose, people will talk about the weight. I’m not even going to talk about it anymore because Berchelt’s size is the reason he was a 6x defending champion. It’s the reason he was the favorite in this fight. And if it was the reason he lost, that’s what comes with it. War Valdez. 

Great performance, young fella. In boxing everyone has excuses. Some excuses are very valid and they become reasons not just excuses. But I can’t even hear about a bigger than usual guy being weight drained when the main reason he’s had so much success was him knowing how to cut weight and still be strong.

Been seeing some fighters and fans who are building their perfect fighter out of physical and mental categories like: Speed, Boxing IQ, Athleticism, Defense, Offense, Footwork… and so on. But I’m curious about qualities I think of as “Intangibles”.

There are certain fighters who had intangibles that made them special as opposed to more physical qualities. The physical stuff was important, but I think there are some who had intangibles that both complimented and surpassed the physical.

So… I guess my question comes in two parts in terms of your building your perfect fighter:1) In regards to more physical and mental qualities… what fighters do you pick for the following categories: Power, Speed, Strength, Footwork, Ring Generalship, Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Chin, Defense, and Offense?2) Now for the "intangibles"… what fighters do you pick for these categories: Heart, Determination, Prowess in the Clutch, Character, In the Ring Discipline, Out of the Ring Discipline, and Sportsmanship?

Greg K.

Bread’s Response:

Power: George Foreman.  

Speed: Ray Leonard

Strength: Henry Armstrong  

Footwork: Vasyl Lomachenko  

Ring Generalship: Floyd Mayweather    

Jab: Muhammad Ali  

Cross: Joe Louis Hook: Sugar Ray Robinson  

Uppercut: Ricardo Lopez      

Chin: George Chuvalo    

Defense: Willie Pep    

Offense: Sugar Ray Robinson  

Heart: Ali    

Determination: Juan Manuel Marquez    

Prowess in the Clutch: Ray Leonard        

Character: Ali        

In the Ring Discipline: Floyd Mayweather        

Out of the Ring Discipline: Bernard Hopkins      

Sportmanship: Manny Pacquiao

Hey Mr Edwards,

Hope you are in top shape and you must be because you showed great stamina and depth in dealing with numerous very interesting questions in the last mailbag. I particularly liked your response on Simon Brown who I thought has strangely been lightly regarded. I agree with you. He was a GUN.

Quite a busy boxing weekend we just had. My brief analysis is this. Oscar Valdez may not become an ATG but I think he will be in the HOF by the time his career is over, if there are no clenbutorol issues, given the environment he is in. He's a throwback and would be competent in any era.

Adrien Broner only has himself to blame. If Broner had stayed at Junior Welterweight, he would occupy a special place with Aaron Pryor and Antonio Cervantes. No mistake, he had the makings of a GREAT fighter at that weight. His run at Welterweight is dismal and the Santiago fight should convince him to seriously pursue a career as a rap artist.

Robert Easter Jr has reached a ceiling and that ceiling falls far short of greatness. He can only be a test for emerging stars from here on out. A pity, because his dimensions suggested he could be the second coming of Thomas Hearns. But I think he's more Hilmer Kenty.

Otto Wallin will never win the heavyweight title but I don't think any of the elite heavyweights can dominate him. He's competent and fights to his strengths. The heavyweight division needs him.

I have one controversial question for you this week. This question stems from a view you have repeatedly expressed and that view is in my own view, gospel.  When a fighter is caught cheating, it is likely not the first time he has cheated.  He has probably cheated before but was just never caught. With that, my question is, why can't that fighter's entire achievements be thrown in the dustbin when he's caught? How are we to know which victories are tainted and which are not? Why should the fighter receive the benefit of the doubt In that uncertainty? In fact, why are these boxers banned only for a certain period of time? Why are they not banned for life? When you use drugs to cheat you are no longer engaged in the sport but are a crook who wants to rob in order to achieve his objectives. I can understand where a fighter had an ailment and a doctor prescribed a drug that turns out to contain a substance that is prohibited in the sport. If the doctor says there is no alternative drug for that ailment, I think such a fighter can be forgiven because he faces a choice to enter the ring under pain of that ailment and therefore perform at less than his full potential or to retire from the sport. If he has no other skills with which he can earn a livelihood that can be a tough choice and I think in those circumstances, the rules can be amended to give the opponent an equivalent stimulant so that the playing fields are levelled.

I cannot accept any notion that a boxer unwittingly took a prohibited substance or drug. It's incumbent on the boxer and his team to check out anything that goes through a boxer's mouth or is injected into his body. So, boxers like Shane Mosley who openly admitted to taking PED's should be booted out of the HOF (If he's there or is being considered ) and Canelo who said it was in the meat he ate should not be allowed anywhere near the HOF. And this comes from someone who admired both these fighters before their indiscretions came to light. Instead of a HOF, a HOS (Hall of Shame) should be inaugurated for these guys. And I really dig Canelo but fair is fair.

Guys over whom only suspicions hung or hang can stay in the HOF. People that talk about the bottle mentioned in Pryor's corner during the championship rounds of his fight with Alexis Arguello can holler all they want but Pryor was never certified or even found to be a cheat. I know he struggled with drugs in the twilight of his career and even lost to a nondescript Bobby Joe Young. But this was AFTER his great career run. I certainly have reservations about Manny Pacquiao because his ascent through the divisions and his relentlessness in the ring called for an explanation.  But he has not been found to have cheated at any stage in his career. People call Sonny Liston great but I have not seen anyone say Liston was not aware that an illegal substance was being rubbed on his gloves in the first fight with Ali. If he's in the HOF, throw him out. He may not have imbibed an illegal substance but it was included in his strategy for victory.

What do you think Mr Edwards? Am I being too extreme? These guys are an insult to small guys like Joe Frazier who took on a monster like George Foreman on nothing but his own natural strength.MM. Prime to prime, Joe Frazier v Mike Tyson. I believe Joe was greater than Mike but he was such a slow starter and Mike such a bolt of lightning from the start that I fear for Joe.

Katlholo Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Bread’s Response: I’m well thank you. Simon Brown was a GUN. I remember watching him vs Tyrone Trice in their 1st fight and I was super impressed. It’s a shame he’s not remembered better. 

I am very impressed with Oscar Valdez. He turned in a big time performance. But often times a fighter can do that to a fighter who is much slower than him. If Valdez can do that to Shakur Stevenson we may have to revisit that ATG statement. 

I’m curious to see how Easter performs at the new weight. 140 is stacked. Knowing the selling point model in boxing is black vs Latino. There is an emerging kid on the PBC side named Jesus Ramos. He looks to be really, really good. Expect him or Mario Barrios vs Robert Easter in the very near future. Especially since Top Rank will have all 4 belts unified soon. I’m not closing the curtains on Easter yet. He has heart, skills and a chin. He just has to be at his best, when his best is needed. 

I actually think Frazier would beat Tyson and I’m a huge Tyson guy. I think Frazier appeared to be a slow starter because he had to get through so much height and reach. But vs Tyson they are the same size. I think Frazier is actually a better infighter than Tyson. Tyson threw some nice inside shots, but Frazier worked more on the inside. And I think Tyson would have trouble with a fighter who gut under him physically. Frazier could run Tyson hot. If you watch Tyson vs Buster Mathis, Mathis was frustrating Tyson. Frazier is Mathis x 50. I would take Frazier by decision or late ko in a barnburner.

If a fighter has an injury and he is prescribed something by a doctor that may or may not contain banned substances. He can contact Margaret Goodman who was just inducted into the HOF and find out. And if it is in his system he can get an exemption or wait until it’s not in his system anymore to fight. Transparency is important. Injuries are often used as big excuses for cheaters by the way….

In boxing no one will admit this. But most people don’t care about cheating. They only act like they care when someone gets caught. I’ve seen this up and close. It really depends on your allegiance to the fighter. If the fighter who are they associated with cheats, they make excuses. If the fighter gets cheated against, they go crazy with fake integrity. It’s DISGUSTING.

I think every single world ranked fighter should be in a random testing pool. And I believe more random test should be done. It’s not feasible to test 10 fighters/week world wide. That cost too much. But for example if a big fight is coming up and the fighters have paid VADA. Then when the testers are in that city, they can test other world ranked fighters in that area to save money on travel etc. They will already be there… If this happens fighters in the middle of their cycles will be caught. 

Punishment for cheaters should be simple. 1 positive test equals at 18 month ban. Not just a year. Fighters at the elite level only fight twice a year anyway. So being off a year, literally makes them miss just 1 fight. That’s not enough of a punishment. They should also be fined 50% of their purse. Cheaters usually cheat because it’s worth it to them because if they win and get away with it their purses become bigger. Well the punishment has to cost them so much money that the cheating wouldn’t be worth it.

The 2nd positive test should be a lifetime ban and no possible HOF induction. No exemptions! The biggest issue with PED use in boxing, is that PED users or suspected users really don’t face consequences. There is no teeth to the punishment. Jarrell Miller is being punished now but I think that’s more of a thing where people behind the scenes are frustrated with him because he cost the Promotion so much money and because of what he did allowed Andy Ruiz to step in and upset the apple cart. That was a serious domino effect. But for the most part what happened to Miller doesn’t usually happen.

It’s usually a slap on the wrist and more opportunities are given after the suspensions are over. I also believe the media should be more stringent on PED users and fighters who don’t regularly ASK for testing when they can. Especially in cases where the fighter turns in a better than expected performance with NO testing. No clean fighter should ever be offended by PED suspicion. Because if you’re clean, PED suspicion is a BIG compliment to your performance.

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