Heavyweight boxer Curtis Harper has informed the Los Angeles Times that he's hoping Minnesota regulators will overturn last month's disqualification loss to Efe Ajagba.

Harper made headlines all over the world when he stepped in the ring for his FS1 televised fight with Ajagba and then simply walked out and abandoned the fight at the sound of the first bell.

The referee issued a disqualification call, which raised the record of Ajagba to 6-0 with 5 by knockout.

Harper told the paper that he was angry because he claims to have never had the opportunity to sign hard copies of contracts he says were necessary to be fully paid for the bout.

He was going to earn $6,000 for the fight.

“It wasn’t about money. It was about the respect of the game,” Harper said.

“I touched gloves and in the bottom right corner over my opponent’s shoulder was the promoter and matchmaker all smiling and happy after I never signed a contract. … I never got a copy back [of the electronic contract]. It felt like I didn’t have a contract. I never saw a contract, so I never knew what they had. I wanted a bout contract and a participant contract and [matchmaker] Chico Rivas told me, ‘Get in the ring or you won’t get paid.’”

Leon Margules of Warriors Boxing, who promoted the fight, rejected Harper's claims.

"[Harper is] lying. … The commission asked them at the weigh-in, ‘Is this your signature?’” on the electronic contract, “and [Harper] said yes,” Margules said.

Harper, who claims that he never knew the fight would be televised, is hoping his controversial decision will motivate other pro boxers to stand up for their rights.

“I hope so. Why wouldn’t it?” Harper asked. “The sport of boxing has no union. No one can protect themselves. Boxing needs more work by the commissions.”