If anyone knows how difficult it is to become a world champion, it’s Floyd Mayweather. He may have grabbed a title in five different divisions but none of it came easy.

Becoming a belt holder isn’t easy. Nor is it an accomplishment that every fighter checks off their to-do list. In the case of Curmel Moton, nevertheless, not only does Mayweather believe that he’ll get it done, he was also hoping to get his young star to do it in his first professional fight.

Mayweather placed the biggest target he could find on the back of Leigh Wood, the current WBA featherweight champ. His goal was simple, get Wood to fight Moton in his pro debut. Ultimately, Mayweather’s plans never gained any real traction.

Wood (28-3, 17 KOs) flat-out wasn’t interested. A two-time world champion fighting a 17-year-old newbie? It simply didn’t make any sense. So, with Wood not going for it, Moton made his pro debut against Ezequiel Flores. He made quick work of his man, getting rid of him in the opening round.

Now, with Mayweather looking for his next opponent, Moton is hoping that Wood will be willing to step up to the plate.

“I’m still looking forward to fighting Leigh Wood,” Moton told FightHype.com during a recent interview.

Wood isn’t likely to take the bait. He’s fresh off a knockout win over Josh Warrington. Although it’s conjecture, the 35-year-old has one helluva argument when discussing the best fighter at 126 pounds.

At this point, it doesn’t quite matter who Moton matches up with. He already revealed that he’ll return to the ring in November. Getting punched in the face seems like a rough way to make a living. For Moton, however, he enjoys every minute of it.

“I had fun in there. I’m looking forward to doing it again.”