By Ryan Burton

World class trainer Kevin Cunningham has been in the sport of boxing for a long time and has had a lot of success.

He is most well known for his work with Cory Spinks and Devon Alexander, having led them to both world titles in multiple weight classes.

Cunningham has most recently added former super welterweight title challenger Erickson Lubin to his stable and they have been training in South Florida at his Camp Cunningham complex. On February 9th Lubin will face former champion Ishe Smith in a bout televised by Showtime from Carson, California.

Erickson recently told that Cunningham's success with Spinks and Alexander, who are both left handed like himself, was one of the big reasons why he wanted to work with the long time St. Louis resident.

"I have won 9 world titles with southpaws so I do know a little something with working with southpaws and I think it was a perfect fit. Lubin is a talented young fighter. He has boatloads of talent. He has power in both hands. I think he just needed the right somebody to take him to the next level," Cunningham told

"I think we are a really good fit not just from a boxing experience but from my experience, he is young and impressionable and I am not just teaching him how to take his boxing career to next level but in his life and I think that is working well and we are gelling really well. I think we are going to be a dangerous combination."

According to Cunningham, he hasn't had to make any major changes to Lubin's style but said that he is fine tuning him and that we will see Lubin's best performance to date on February 9th.

"He is still young enough where I can really fine tune some things. I am not really making major changes or adjustments. There are a few subtle things that can make a huge difference in his career. He is learning a lot everyday and I think it is going to show. I think the difference in the improvements will really show and I think the fact that he is facing a guy in Ishe Smith, who is a former champion, who has been in with all the names so Lubin has to be on point and top of his game to beat a guy like Ishe," Cunningham stated.

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