By Elisinio Castillo

The Cuban Boxing Federation is a tougher organization than most.

They issued a six month suspension on Lazaro Alvarez, a Cuban boxer who won a bronze medal in 2016 Olympic games in Rio, because he dyed his hair.

He was also removed from the Cuban national team and also removed from the list of the best athletes of the year.

"I did it for a religious affair," the boxer said. "At first it was said that the suspension was for being undisciplined, but it wasn't for that reason. It was for dyeing my hair, something that is not allowed in the internal rules of the [Cuban] school. I did it for a religious matter and not a matter of fashion."

The boxer gained the bronze medal in the 60 kilo weight class in the most recent Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro and was included on a list with the 10 best athletes of the year, of which he was also excluded from.

"It's one thing for me to be suspended, which has nothing to do with all the results I've had before. I proposed (to coach, Rolando Acebal ) to have a meeting with the athletes to explain that [my hair was dyed because] of a certain time period, but my request was declined. The only thing they could do was turn me away six months," Alvarez said in closing.