By Haxel Ruben Murillo,

The flyweight world champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC), Nicaraguan Cristofer "El Latigo" Rosales, is going through the best moment of his professional and personal career.

At only 23 years old, he's the only world champion in his country and his bank account has improved substantially after having pocketed more than 70 thousand dollars in his last two fights.

Since April 15, Cristofer is the new boxing figure in Nicaragua. By coincidence of fate, he is the cousin of a country legend, Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez.

And turning his story into an everlasting memory, his future will depend on how easy it will be to continue making the flyweight limit of 115-pounds.

"If it costs me to make the weight - I will go up to 115 pounds," Rosales said. 

"I had planned to make two more defenses, but I will see how I feel. If it is difficult for me I will only make one more defense, and then I will go up a division.

"What we had planned is to make two more defenses, but I'll see how I am.... if I feel the the weight is costing me - I will make one more defense. I will fulfill the deal with the Japanese promoter Akihiko Honda, gain weight and look for the 115-pound title... if it is the Thai champion Srisaket Sor Rungvisai champion - that's even better.

"Even if I fought in December in Japan, I would feel fit to fight in October, with the aim of showing myself to the public... maybe take it as a preparation, it could be at 115, a 10-round fight that obviously would not last. I need to improve my defense, my leg movements with more speed, my counter-shots, to be more insistent, little by little I have to learn to implement more combinations."