by Haxel Ruben Murillo,

When he returned home to Nicaragua, former world champion Cristofer Rosales was greeted by his mother, Julia Gonzalez, his brothers, other relatives and some friends.

After the crushing defeat against British boxer Charlie Edwards in London, England on December 22, it's been reported that Gonzalez will rest for 15 days and then return to fitness in the second week of January 2019.

After a fight, Rosales was not happy with the scoring - which he felt was excessive in favor of Edwards. Rosales acknowledged that it was close and a draw would have been the best verdict and would have allowed him to retain the 112-pound title of the World Boxing Council (WBC) for the second time.

"It was a difficult fight, I knew Edwards was running, I thought I would dominate, but it was clear that a decision was something I would not win. I got hit with the ruling of the judges, it seems that cards were already made before the fight," Rosales told Carlos Alfaro of Sports Titans.

"We will continue pushing our desire to regain that title, I told my team that we're going to go after it.

Rosales said that he would not rise to the super flyweight division, until he regained the title he lost against Edwards.

"I want you to stay on at 112, take that thorn out of my side and then make the jump to 115 pounds," Rosales said.

Regarding the decision of the judges, Cristofer said that  "when the bell rang and I finished the fight I thought that I had lost the title, because I knew that if stretched the fight to the limit I would not win, it was logical for something like that to happen while fighting in England.

"It was complicated because Edwards was moving a lot, and the rounds just passed right by me. If I had a rematch, that would be fabulous. For now I will rest for two weeks and then return to the gym."