Enough with the Jaron Ennis talk. Brian “Bomac” McIntyre has grown both tired of hearing his name and vexed when prognosticators spew that he’s done enough to earn a fight with Terence Crawford.

From a skill standpoint, maybe he has. But in terms of his accomplishments and name value, fighting Ennis simply isn’t worth it.

“He don’t bring nothing to the table,” Bomac told a group of reporters when asked if Crawford would be willing to fight Ennis next. “He got our leftovers.”

By and large, Ennis (31-0, 28 KOs) is irrelevant according to Bomac. He did recently win his first world title but the longtime trainer has a hard time respecting how things played out. Just a few months after Crawford issued a one-sided beating to Errol Spence Jr. to become an undisputed champion, the IBF sanctioning body stripped Crawford and elevated Ennis.

Their reasoning was tenuous according to team Crawford but they’ve come to reluctantly accept their decision.

Although Ennis has been chastised and clowned for what many consider an “E-mail” champion, he’s attempting to use his newly gifted title to his advantage. To a certain extent, Ennis now has something Crawford wants. So, if he wants to regain his undisputed status, he’ll only be able to do so by fighting Ennis.

Bomac, however, doesn’t want to hear it. Ennis and his supporters are bombastically bloviating about a fight that simply won’t happen. From their point of view, taking on Ennis is a lose-lose situation. He won’t deliver Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) with life-changing money, nor will he place an addendum on his Hall of Fame resume.

For now, Crawford is hoping that he can line up a fight with Canelo Alvarez. Doing so would provide him with everything he needs before walking away from the sport. With Alvarez firmly on their mind, Bomac has a question for the boxing world.

“Why would Bud wanna go backward? Bud is looking for bigger and better fights so he can etch his name in the concrete forever.”