O’Shaquie Foster badly wants to get his hands on Joe Cordina. So much so that he almost dropped the ball.

Foster’s been on a roll since 2017. Heading into his matchup against Eduardo Hernandez last weekend, Foster thought he would have a relatively easy time out there. But, with the Mexican native getting his first crack at a world title, he gave it everything he had.

The fight was essentially in the bag for the heavy underdog. All he had to do was stay upright. Foster, however, turned it up in those final three minutes, leading to an out-of-nowhere stoppage win.

Cordina (16-0, 9 KOs) was one of the first names he called out. Not exactly surprising considering that Foster has always voiced his desire to fight him. Cordina hasn’t said much in regards to his fellow champ but behind the scenes, he recently revealed that lack of monetary backing stopped their unification from becoming a reality.

“Only people in Texas know who you are,” said Cordina to Boxing Social. “I tried to make that fight in the Summer. Eddie (Hearn) said there’s no money in the fight, it can’t be made. No one really knows him over there or over here.”

Fighting Foster (21-2, 12 KOs) is something that can still happen down the line but Cordina doesn’t want to make the same mistake Foster just did. The British native will defend his IBF crown in just a few short hours against Edward Vazquez.

As long as he looks smooth in a decisive win, Cordina and Foster can re-engage in fight negotiations. With that said, the only way talks will improve this time around is if someone backs the Brinks trucks up to Cordina’s house.

“It’s a tough fight. I’m not saying it’s not a tough fight. I rate him, he is a good fighter but at the same time, I’m not making no money from it. I need to change my kids lives.”