In a blood-soaked war that produced an early candidate for Fight of The Year, Amanda Serrano won the undisputed featherweight championship. Erika Cruz bled heavily from a headbutt-inducted cut on the hairline from round three onward.

Serrano faced a foe that actually out-threw her (96.8 punches per two-minute round to Serrano's 94.9), but her quicker hands, better jabbing (42.3 attempts/4.9 connects per round to Cruz's 34.5/2.2), straighter helped her achieve accuracy gaps of 27%-21% overall, 12%-6% jabs and 40%-2.

Cruz's 202 landed punches and 968 thrown were the most by a Serrano opponent. Cruz's body attack was superb (115-82 in connects), but Serrano's skill and courage were up to the challenge. Scoring: 98-92 (2x) and 97-93 for Serrano.