Chris Colbert was visibly despondent following his upset loss at the hands of Hector Luis last year. After sulking for months on end, Colbert (17-1, 6 KOs) dusted himself off and began preparing to make his return. Although 130 pounds is filled to the brim with talented fighters, Colbert opted to test himself one division higher.

Ultimately, before making the move, the flamboyant Brooklyn native and highly ranked 135-pound contender, Frank Martin, began to tussle verbally. With the two agreeing to settle their differences in the ring, Colbert’s wishes were never placated as he was forced to go in another direction.

On May 25th, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Colbert successfully made the transition to the lightweight division. Greeting him at the door, of course, was Jose Valenzuela. While the power difference was obvious from the very beginning, Colbert bounced back from a rocky start by winning a close unanimous decision.

Having felt what it’s like to face a much larger man, Colbert didn't appear to be a fan of doing so. Still, despite publicly admitting that he’ll scurry back to the super featherweight division, Colbert dares Martin to follow him five pounds south.

“I’m not fighting at 35,” said Colbert to a group of reporters when asked if he'll face Frank Martin next. “I’m going back down to 30. So if he wanna come down, let’s get it rocking but I’m not staying at 35. I’m going to my weight.”

Martin, by and large, enjoyed a fruitful 2022. To cap off a stellar year, the 28-year-old secured a lopsided victory over Michel Rivera. At the moment, the Detroit product has no intentions of moving down in weight. Instead, Martin is fully convinced that a world title shot is well within his reach.

If, for whatever reason, Martin changes his mind and acquiesces to his rival's weight demands, Colbert reveals that he’ll be more than willing to take him on.

“Let’s tango, I’m ready to dance. I don't duck and dodge from nobody. I just learned how to dance salsa too so I’m ready.”