Some called it hubris, others called it bravado. To Chris Colbert, however, he would describe his attitude as nothing more than overwhelming confidence.

Heading into his showdown against Hector Luis Garcia last year, Colbert dismissed his upcoming foe as nothing more than an inconsequential speed bump on his way to a world title shot at 130 pounds. Ultimately, despite his brash remarks, Garcia served Colbert a slice of humble pie, dropping the Brooklyn native in the seventh round en route to cruising to a unanimous decision victory.

Since having his undefeated record tattered, Colbert (16-1, 6 KOs) has revisited the lab. After perfecting his craft, the 26-year-old will now officially return to the squared circle on March 25th, against Jose “Rayo” Valenzuela.

Although Colbert has campaigned in the super featherweight division, the 130-pound contender will make his 135-pound debut. All in all, Colbert concedes that, unlike his previous opponents, he doesn't have a single bad word to say about Valenzuela. But regardless of the pleasantries being shared by both camps, Colbert strongly believes that the 23-year-old doesn't stand a chance against him.

“He’s a good kid, I like him,” said Colbert of Valenzuela to Brian Custer on The Last Stand Podcast. “Do I think he can beat me? Absolutely f------ not. Am I gonna embarrass him? Yes the f--- I am. I’m coming to play no games.”

Seemingly always locked in, Colbert openly admitted that the sting of his first defeat placed him in an inexpressible funk. Once described as a can't-miss prospect, thanks to Garcia, a bit of Colbert’s shine has been taken off.

Still, despite his star somewhat dimming, Colbert believes that he’s being essentially discarded and tossed by the wayside. While he could spend the rest of his days fulminating with his detractors, Colbert refuses to do so. Instead, the 25-year-old urges both his supporters and naysayers to simply flick on their television sets and witness the second half of what he believes will be a terrific career.

“This book is not done being written. We’re gonna write another chapter come March 25th.”