Four division world champion Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez is very frustrated with the scorecards from last Saturday's fight against Juan Francisco "El Gallo" Estrada.

The boxers collided for the second time in their respective careers.

They initially met eight years ago at junior flyweight, with Gonzalez winning a twelve round unanimous decision.

This time around, Estrada came away with a twelve round split decision in Texas.

The contest was very exciting from start to finish, with most observers scoring the fight in favor of Gonzalez.

But there was controversy over the scoring - with one judge having it 115-113 for Gonzalez, and another having a tally of 115-113 for Estrada. The third score of 117-111, for Estrada, created a lot of anger. The judge in question, Carlos Sucre, was suspended by the WBA the following day.

Gonzalez is very disappointed with the outcome.

"I feel sad because not only did they rob me of the fight, but they robbed Nicaragua as well," said Chocolatito,.

“I prepared myself conscientiously for this fight. It was a sacrifice of months, where I was not close to my family and where I deprived myself of many things. I didn't do all of that for [the fight] to end like this. I think that a lot of judges in boxing have lost their honesty."

Gonzalez acknowledged that he was approached with the scenario of a trilogy fight with Estrada, but he still has to sit down with his team to discuss that possibility.

“I always consult God about my next steps. I know that Estrada and I had a great battle and the audience was delighted. But let's wait for it to happen. Currently I feel confused by how the judges scored against me," Chocolatito added.

The record of Gonzalez dropped to 50 wins with 3 losses and 41 knockouts, while Estrada's record went up to 42 wins with 3 setbacks and 28 stoppages.