A week after settling in Coachella, California, WBA super flyweight world champion Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez began working at maximum intensity for the rematch against Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada, with the determination that a war will take place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Head trainer Marcos Caballero explained that Gonzalez is working a double session. In the morning he performs a 45-minute run and in the afternoon he works on boxing strategy, and has sparring rounds with ranked boxers from various cities in the United States .

"We started the camp strong, motivated, because we are going to war with a demanding fighter like Estrada, that is why we must reach the highest competitive level, as we have always achieved," said Caballero.

The training day begins at 6:30 AM, when the sun has warmed up a bit to avoid the intense cold in Coachella.

Gonzalez is expected to do more than 100 rounds of sparring for the rematch.

"During the day two weight checks are carried out and although I cannot specify the pounds, I can assure you that Roman Gonzalez is doing very well with the weight, so there will not be a problem and there has never been a problem," added Caballero.

In a recent interview, Estrada, who holds the WBC super flyweight crown, promised to knock Gonzalez out in order to eliminate all doubts.

In their first meeting in 2012, at junior flyweight, Gonzalez won a twelve round unanimous decision.

"Estrada can say what he wants, that he will enter the ring with the intention of ripping off Roman's head, just as he did the first time they faced each other... all of that is part of the promotion for the fight,” said Caballero .

"We know of his quality as a boxer, but we trust that once they are in the ring whoever makes the best moves will come out with his arms raised. One of the things we are working on is to bring back the Chocolatito who used long combinations, who threw a volume of punches to exceed 1 thousand, as he did in his previous fight, and above all we aim to improve the power of his punches."

Gonzalez has a record of 50 wins, 41 of these by knockout, with 2 losses and no draws - while Estrada has 41 wins, getting 28 of these by knockout and he's been defeated 3 times.