Derek Chisora believes Tyson Fury is allowing Anthony Joshua to live in his head and spends too much time talking about AJ.

Chisora will face Fury, for the WBC heavyweight title, on December 3rd at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The upcoming bout will their third time meeting in the ring - and Chisora is a massive underdog. Fury won a twelve round decision over Chisora when they met for the first time in 2011, and then Fury battered him for a stoppage win in their 2014 rematch.

Fury and Joshua had been in talks for a year-end showdown, but their talks fell apart. Joshua is not expected to fight until early 2023.

"AJ is living in Tyson's head rent-free," Chisora said to Sky Sports. "Tyson wakes up every day thinking about AJ and cannot do an interview without mentioning AJ. AJ is off living his life, doing his own thing. I don't know why Tyson keeps talking about AJ."

Chisora's career is guided by Joshua's management company.

He explained that Joshua is not to blame for the talks with Fury falling through. Chisora places the blame on numerous factors that neither Fury nor Joshua could control.

"AJ could not take the fight because there were so many complications with sponsors and promoters," Chisora explained.

"The fighters always want to fight, just fight, but the complications come from the business people around them who get in the way.

"The managers and promoters get in the way, they make it difficult. Even this fight and contract was a headache stressing me out. People always think making a big fight is easy but it's always such a headache."