O2 Arena, London - In a crossroads heavyweight clash, Derek Chisora (30-9, 19 KOs) won an easy ten round unanimous decision over Senad Gashi (17-3, 17 KOs). The scores were 100-90, 100-91 and 99-91.

In his last fight, back in November at the same London venue, Chisora was up on the cards when he was knocked out cold in the eleventh round of his rematch with Dillian Whyte.

And on the same card, Gashi was knocked out in the seventh by top contender Carlos Takam.

Chisora was chasing Gashi around the ring in the first round. There wasn't much coming from Gashi in terms of offense. He was moving and moving to stay out of the way of Chisora. There was more of the same in the second.

In the third, Chisora was trying to cut off the ring while chasing Gashi down. Gashi was looking for quick counters when Chisora came inside.

There was wasn't much a difference in the rounds that continued to play out. Chisora was having a real tough time cornering Gashi to land punches. Gashi just continued to stay on the move and wasn't willing to be as stationary target, but he also wasn't throwing much of anything to score points.

No change in the pace of the contest when they reached the ninth. Gashi was moving, and moving, doing more to survive than win. Chisora was following him around and landing what he could.

In the tenth and final round, Chisora was being a bit more aggressive - and there was little change from the tactics being used by Gashi, who continued to move around the ring while attempting to sneak in a shot here and there.