On November 27, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will once again step in the ring at the Juan S. Millán Sports Center in the Revolution Park in Culiacán, Sinaloa, where he made his professional debut 17 years ago.

Chavez will face Argentine contender Nicolás Masseroni over the ten round distance at the light heavyweight limit.

With this fight, Chavez Jr. denies any rumors of his retirement after suffering back to back defeats to Mario Cazares and Daniel Jacobs,

"I am young, I do not think about retiring, although the [critics] say many things, but like all of you I want to see myself boxing a few rounds really well and have the opportunity for people to analyze me and see if I have the qualities to face the best. That is the objective of this fight," Chavez Jr. told Marca.

"I keep boxing because I'm missing something that I want to give to boxing and because I want to finish the race by winning and with my head held high, not like my father, (Julio César Chávez), who ended his career at a very old age and in his worst moment, I want to finish the race in a good way, so people see that I retired from boxing in a good place and that I have nothing left to do."

The 'Son of the 'Legend' is now 34 years old and has a record of 51 victories, five defeats and a draw.

And despite his detractors - as the Sinaloan calls them - he still managed to win the world middleweight title of the World Boxing Council (WBC) in 2011.

"It is not my priority to retire as world champion, there are many belts. If I win one it will be well received, but if I fight with the best it's what I want the most. Maybe in the middle of next year I will have a big fight, not necessarily for a belt," Chavez Jr. said.

Chavez Jr. wants to have a very good showing against an opponent who knocked out all 19 opponents on his win ledger.

"I have no fear, I have already boxed with many who have that kind of record or better, but they are all different, he is a new, a young opponent and we will be very careful. He hits hard, but we will try to be better and surprise him," Chávez Jr. said.

"Fighters like the last one (Mario Cazares), they only go out to give bad examples to the sport, and promote 'unsportsmanlike conduct'. If Masseroni beats me by actually fighting, I would be happy to lose. I'm going to try to put on a good clean show like people want to see, but if he gives a dirty fight, we won't be so clean anymore, we have to be dirty.

"In the last fight the World Boxing Council said that the decision with Mario Cazares was given by the Tijuana Boxing Commission, when the referee told me that I had won by disqualification and I thought I had won, and it turns out that the winner was (Mario Cazares) after a head butt. Those things happen daily."