Former WBA "regular" heavyweight champion Mahmoud "Manuel" Charr (34-4) returned to Germany from Dubai and EC Boxing was quick to arrange a fight for him.

On December 21, Charr fought 45-year-old Nuri Seferi (42-11 and a good cruiserweight a few years ago) and won on a stoppage in the second round.

Charr was lined up to fight another former "regular" WBA titleholder in Lucas Browne on December 17 in Dubai but was left stranded along with all other fighters on the bill when the promoters disappeared apparently after a big sponsor pulled out (or so it was claimed).

However, it is also claimed that Iconic Promotions hadn't secured a venue for the event dubbed as "WBC Battle for Peace".

The local commission cancelled the event but hadn't secured any guarantees for the purses or expenses which led to the fact that the fighters were stranded and had to find their way home the best they could. 

“A few days before the Browne fight, the fight was called off. I called my promoter Erol Ceylan. He said: 'Get on the plane, I'll organize a fight for you here to finish off your hard training.' So I flew back to Germany from Dubai. I didn't care who I boxed against. But my preparation should not have been in vain," Charr said.

"I wish all boxing fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And to the haters: support the athletes more, they get into the ring for you and want to perform. If you are hated, that is not a promotion for the athletes and also not for the promoters. Due to the current situation and general situation in German boxing, the sponsors have turned off the tap, there is hardly an event that is broadcast on TV. If you want boxing to stay alive, then support us – also on the outside!”