While he understands, everyone needs to slow down with all of this talk of a Jermell Charlo vs. Terence Crawford clash. (photo by Ryan Hafey)

It simply doesn’t make any sense. Sure Crawford stopped his good friend Errol Spence Jr., and of course, Charlo is the reigning undisputed champion at 154 pounds but there are a few obvious roadblocks in the way of their possible showdown.

First up, Charlo has to get past Canelo Alvarez on September 30th. Secondly, Crawford has to re-enter the ring and take on Spence in the coming months. Just recently, the former unified champ officially activated his immediate rematch clause. So, until their chapter is closed for good, Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs) doesn’t want to hear any discussion centered around a possible matchup with Crawford.

“My boy Errol gotta fight him again,” Charlo told Million Dollaz Worth Of Game. “My boy Errol is gonna get his rematch.”

Moans and groans soon followed after Spence picked up his option. According to some prognosticators, there is simply no need for a sequel.

Normally sturdy and dangerous, Spence’s offense was tenuous and defensively, he was lost. Crawford, outside of the first round, dominated his man. On three separate occasions, Spence was down on the canvas. In the ninth, the 33-year-old was bloodied, and bruised, but refused to lie down.

It wasn’t until referee Harvey Dock stepped in that Spence was finally handed a reprieve. Having watched the Dallas native and trained alongside him for years, Charlo finds it hard to believe that Spence was at his absolute best.

An excuse isn’t what Charlo is searching for, neither is Spence. But considering that the former titlist is hoping to have their rematch take place at 154 pounds, Charlo firmly believes that Spence’s time in the welterweight division has run its course.

“I know he trained his ass off. That weight just not his weight no more. I don’t wanna give no excuses."