Jalisco's Carlos "Chuko" Diaz executed his fight plan to the book, masterfully, from the first round, and paying attention to his corner paid off.

“Chuko” Diaz (29-1, 14 KO’s) fought with great intensity and rhythm over the long distance, connecting precise and forceful combinations, and finished off with power shots from both hands.

Eleazar Valenzuela (26-11, 16 KO's) lived up to his reputation and he took a lot of punishment. And at times, he was able to hit Diaz's with good head shots.

Diaz deployed his offensive arsenal, with a big percentage of effectiveness. He wasted few punches, and did a lot of damage to his opponent.

After an incessant dominance for five rounds, Diaz came out determined to finish his rival and started a big assault to take Valenzuela out. He landed as many as eight unanswered punches, and Valenzuela's right cheekbone opened up. After using his legs to move around the ring, Diaz attacked again, landing blows with both hands, with power and speed, and Valenzuela's legs buckled.

When Diaz was ready to finish him off, Valenzuela's corner, in a wise manner, asked the referee to stop the action, 51 seconds into the sixth round.

Their bout was a junior welterweight encounter that headlined a Zanfer Promotions event, behind closed doors, at the Grand Hotel Tijuana in Mexico.

Carlos Lopez (14-0, 5 KO's) overcame a difficult first round, in which “Chorizo” Muniz (14-2, 11 KO's) attacked him with both hands, even hurting him with punishment to the body.

However, in the second round, Lopez changed the strategy. Instead of being too aggressive, he used distance, attacked with combinations and towards the middle of the round, he landed with a left to the abdomen and then a right cross to the jaw, to send Muniz to the canvas.

Lopez saw that Tijuana's Muniz was seriously hurt, so he used his killer instinct and went for the finish, which came immediately. He landed four power shots, the final blow being a long right to the face, which hurt his opponent and had him sprawled out on the canvas.