Carl Froch is ready to bury the hatchet with fellow former world champion Amir Khan.

The two have traded words over the years, but their rivalry got heated earlier this year, when Froch was highly critical of Khan in the aftermath of his one-sided stoppage loss to Kell Brook in February.

“It’s time to hang the gloves up. It’s finished, it’s done, he’s got zero punch resistance. When you can’t take a shot, it’s dangerous. You know this in training because in sparring you get with shots," Froch said at the time of Khan's defeat.

“Amir Khan’s either not sparring or he’s sparring and he knows he’s shot to bits. Either way he’s got the answer that he shouldn’t be stepping in the professional boxing ring again, ever. If he listens to this, I hope he takes my advice.”

Khan would retire from the sport a few months later.

Froch explains that he doesn't have any animosity towards Khan and is willing to leave their past statements in the past.

“I’m not a-----d about it, all I’ve done when I’m broadcasting his fights is what I always do and that’s be brutally honest. My honesty sometimes gets me into trouble because I tell it how it is. When he fights he’s got a bit of a dodgy chin. When he fought Brook he was all over the place, so I just said it how it was," Froch said to IFL TV.

“Sometimes it upsets people but I haven’t got the energy or the time to have beef with Amir Khan. He was a fantastic fighter who had an unbelievable career and he’s got one of the best CVs in the world. We need to shake hands and have a little kiss and make up.”