Carl Frampton says he will not let some overly touchy reaction from some “thin-skinned” boxers deviate him from speaking his mind in his new role as a TV analyst.  

The former world super-bantamweight and featherweight champion has been snapped up by BT Sports as a pundit having retired from the ring after losing to Jamel Herring earlier this year and will be a key part of their team for the screening of Canelo Alvarez against Caleb Plant this weekend.  

“I will be honest, I try to be,” Frampton said. “All the feedback I have received so far. they admire my honesty.   

“Boxing is the hardest sport in the world but a lot of them are thin-skinned, they don’t take criticism well. If someone has put in a good performance I will say that but if someone hasn’t I will also say that. Hopefully they won’t fall out with many, but I’ll continue to be honest.”  

Being such a straight-shooter sometimes isn’t the done thing these days, especially on social media.  

“Social media is mental and people even take promoters sides – fans of promoters,” Frampton said. “I know a good boxer when I see one. I know a good performance and I know a bad one. I’m not going to be on anyone’s side, I am just going to say it how it is and call it down the middle.”  

Frampton had done some punditry work with BT Sports before he quit the ring, but now he is officially an ex-boxer, he is enjoying still having an input.  

“I’m loving it, I’m working with a good team and they are keeping me busy, which is what I want,” he said. “I don’t mind sitting on my arse from time to time, but weeks on end gets a bit boring.  

“Retirement was the obvious thing to do but my plan was to win that fight (with Herring) and then retire anyway. It is not as if I was beaten into retirement. I’m happy, I was looking at the exit for a number of years. It would have been nice to have been a three-weight world champion but it wasn’t to be.   

“I love boxing and it is keeping me involved in the sport without all the hard stuff. I owe this sport a lot and when you get a really big night, there is no better sporting spectacle. It’s a pity I am not going to be in the States for it, I’m going to be in a studio in London, but those are just the times.”  

Frampton is picking Canelo to become undisputed world super-middleweight champion this weekend, although he does not expect it to be one-way traffic.  

“It's a good fight. I think Plant will give him a few issues early on but he will figure him out and potentially stop him late on,” Frampton said. “Plant’s movement can cause him some problems in the early round, but Canelo will work him out like he works them all out.”  

One factor that Frampton believes has been overlooked is the press conference brawl between the pair, which ended up with Plant being cut.  

“After he tried to slap him and missed and Canelo hit him twice, I don’t think Plant is going to feel ‘if I can’t hit him in a press conference, how am I going to hit him in a fight?’ he said. “But the cut might affect him. It wasn’t the worst cut in the world, but it was definitely a cut that affects sparring preparation.   

“Five weeks ago, he might have been in the middle of his sparring and he had to miss some to allow the cut to heal. He may have had to have worn a full face headguard – some people don’t like them.  

“I would imagine with the appointment of Virgil Hunter and Andre Ward to his team he will use a sensible boxing approach rather than a gung-ho stand and trade with Canelo. 

“If I was his coach I would tell him to try and move, don’t stay on the ropes and your jab has to be landing. But it is easier said than done when fighting Canelo.” 

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