By Mike Coppinger

Rumors of a Canelo Alvarez-Miguel Cotto bout have swirled for months. However, with just hours away until the new year, the fight is no closer to being made.

In a Wednesday letter to the media (in Spanish), Alvarez expressed his frustration at the negotiations and called on Cotto to make the fight already for May 2.

Alvarez said he doesn't "understand what is happening" and said he's already given in to many of Cotto's demands, though he failed to elaborate on what they were. Alvarez said it's been "already more than a month" of talks, but Cotto "decides not to sign the contract."

Alvarez talked about the classic Mexico vs. Puerto Rico rivalry and said he would love to add another chapter. He also called on Cotto to attempt to avenge the defeat of his brother, Jose Miguel Cotto, whom Canelo defeated in May 2010.

"I already talked to my promoter Oscar de la Hoya and I confirmed that I will fight on May 2, 2015 and Miguel Cotto is the opponent that tops the list," Alvarez said. "Thank God I have several options, but I believe and I think the fans of the world, especially Puerto Rico, want me to face ... (Cotto)."

It's clear Alvarez will be fighting on May 2, with or without Cotto. Unless Cotto pulls a fast one and opts for a rematch with Mayweather, count on this middleweight championship fight getting sealed and delivered for HBO PPV.

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