All Caleb Plant over twelve rounds as he outlands Caleb Truax 179-47 in total punches and landed 41.8% of his power punches. He held Truax to just 3.9 punches landed per round. Plant's opponents now land just 6.6 punches per round, fewest among super middleweights.

Shrine Expo, Los Angeles, California - IBF super middleweight champion Caleb Plant (21-0, 12 KOs) dominated to a one-sided twelve round unanimous decision over former beltholder Caleb Truax (31-5-2, 19 KOs). All three judges had it 120-108.

Plant started off by jabbing to the head and body in the first round. The speed of Plant was evident in the first, as he was catching Truax with rapid punches. Truax was mostly defensive and unable to land much of anything.

Plant was dominating Truax in the second and seemed to hurt him in the final seconds. The speed of Plant was becoming too much for Truax to handle in the third. Truax continued to pump out a stiff, quick jab in the fourth. The face of Truax was getting busted up with his nose bleeding.

More one-sided action during the fifth, with Plant in control. And more of the same during a one-sided sixth. Truax was offering not much of anything during the seventh. He was just too slow and unable to land shots. During the eight, Truax managed to land a few good right hands - with the punches having no effect on Plant.

After controlling much of the ninth, Plant began to dig in with harder shots in the tenth. Truax was still having a lot of trouble landing on Plant and dealing with his speed. One-way action continued with Plant doing most of the landing in the eleventh and twelfth.