Brandon Glanton and David Light went toe to toe last Friday evening on ProBox TV, in a fight where many observers felt Glanton edged it out. However, it was Light who went home with the split decision victory. 

The WBO has now ordered cruiserweight champion Lawrence Okolie to make a mandatory defense against Light.

Glanton opened up about the fight whilst giving his brutal assessment of the scorecards. 

The Atlanta-based Cruiserweight stated, “I felt I won the fight. David Light is a good fighter, I respect him, but I still feel I won the fight clearly. 

“Since the fight there has been online surveys and the honest consensus from knowledgeable and respected figures within the sport and that was that I won the fight. 

“I should be looking at a fight with Lawrence Okolie next. I’ve learned some lessons and I know I’ll be back stronger and I know I can compete with the world champions in the future.”

Glanton continued, as he discussed the judging on his loss to Light. 

“One judge had it 97-92,” Glanton said. “I just don’t understand how one judge thought I only won two rounds. What was he watching? How do these judges score a fight? Do they not realize catching punches on the gloves and arms isn’t a scoring punch? I simply can’t understand how a judge would see the fight that widely. Something is definitely wrong and judging like this needs addressing as it’s ruining the careers of hard-working fighters.” 

ProBox TV CEO Garry Jonas gave his take on Glanton vs Light and his hopes for 2023. 

“It was a good fight. It was a close fight. Most people I’ve spoken with felt Brandon won the fight. I think Brandon could have dominated the fight and that’s what happens when you play with your food," Jonas said.

“What Glanton did in the tenth round he could have done in every round, instead he turned it into a phone booth fight. It’s a learning experience, Brandon is a later comer to boxing and he’s got lots to learn. He will back better. 

“It was a good fight with two top-rated guys, it was an entertaining top-10 clash that ProBox TV hopes to have more of in 2023. Brandon showed on a night that wasn’t his best that he is on the world level and he’s only going to get better. 

Jonas continued, as he dived in on the controversial 97-92 scorecard. 

“We have problems with judging in boxing. In the first 9 rounds, one judge had Light up 8 rounds to 1. ProBox TV wants to continue to put on evenly matched fights on ProBox TV, but we need judges to get these fights right in the state of Florida where we operate," Jonas said.

“I think there is an issue with the difference between punches being thrown and punches landing. I don’t think it’s out of the question to suggest some judges don’t know the definition of a scoring punch.”