Moving up and down in weight is the norm in boxing. Seldom has any fighter spent the entirety of their careers in one setting. Terence Crawford has followed that same ole routine. So far, he’s managed to grab world titles as a lightweight, super lightweight, and a welterweight. In addition to those championship runs, Crawford has a pair of undisputed reigns under his belt as well.

Most recently, Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) took care of business against Errol Spence Jr. That win, however, has left Crawford with a limited amount of options. Of course, he could stick around and take on the young bull in Jaron Ennis, but Crawford doesn’t see the benefit of that from a legacy standpoint. Nor are there enough zeros attached at the end of his paycheck.

The finish line is closer than ever for the 36-year-old, so before he leaves, he wants to end it with a bang. From his point of view, the only fighter that can increase his legacy and provide him with life-changing money is Canelo Alvarez. The problem, however, is that Alvarez is a super middleweight, three weight classes above Crawford.

He’s always been bold, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. On numerous occasions, Crawford has stated that he would be willing to throw some more meat on his bones and make the move. Some may call it crazy but Tim Bradley doesn't believe the pound-for-pound star would be in over his head.

“It’s a tough task for Terence,” admitted Bradley to Fight Hub TV. “But at the same time, I would back him. I would pick Terence Crawford to beat Canelo Alvarez, even at 168.”

Bradley isn’t being disingenuous. He’s always been a huge believer in Crawford, no matter who was placed in front of him. Some have urged Crawford though, to take a seat and not attempt to bite off more than he can chew. Simply put, it wouldn’t be prudent.

Bradley respects the opinions of those going against Crawford. After all, Alvarez is a legitimate Hall of Famer and has laid out much bigger men. If their showdown was predicated on just strength and power, that would be an entirely different story. But you know the old saying, skills pay the bills. And according to Bradley, no one in history has more than Crawford.

“I think that his skill level is up there with the greatest. I don't think we’ve seen anything like Terence Crawford. I do study history. I never seen anybody that has everything. Good speed, power, timing, can switch the way he switches. That has the toughest, the meanness that he has, the way he finishes guys, the way he breaks down guys. He’s one of the smartest guys that I've ever seen in the ring, right up there with Floyd Mayweather.”