Former two division champion Timothy Bradley believes David Benavidez will be a bit too much for Demetrius Andrade - but he also doesn't rule out a possible upset. 

On Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Benavidez and Andrade will collide in a battle of former world champions. The bout headlines a Showtime Pay-Per-View card.

Benavidez is the big favorite to come away with his undefeated record intact. 

"I can make a case for both men in winning this bout, but Benavidez should emerge victorious. He is a master of relentless sculpted pressure and has honed his style to perfection. He also has a remarkable ability to adapt and exploit his own weaknesses. Though his footwork might be considered a vulnerability, his ability to deliver powerful, blazing punches from any position far outweighs any apparent flaws. Employing a tight high guard as his primary defense, Benavidez possesses a defensive mechanism similar to the carnivorous plant, the Venus flytrap, where he can swiftly and accurately counter his opponent's offense," Bradley told ESPN.

"Benavidez's physicality should not be underestimated, particularly when he closes the distance and maneuvers within close quarters. He employs head and body controls, altering his opposition posture and positioning. He can frame shots at Andrade's vulnerable areas, attacking the body and strategically forcing Andrade onto his weaker left foot (back foot). Remember, Andrade is right-handed, so his dominant foot is his right, which is positioned upfront in the southpaw stance."

Bradley expects Andrade to fade in the second half of the contest - which will allow the much busier Benavidez to take over with his well known power punching combinations.

"As the match progresses, Andrade's stamina will undoubtedly come into question. Benavidez's pressure and outstanding conditioning tends to wear down opponents over time. And if Andrade fails to get enough offense during the early rounds, we will witness a shift in momentum, with Benavidez growing more powerful and dominant. Historically, Andrade has been susceptible to losing focus and experiencing a drop in his punch count as the fight enters the later stages, making him food for Benavidez's relentless assault, and eventually a Benavidez victory," Bradley said.