WASHINGTON – Jaron Ennis and his father feel there were plenty of things that the undefeated welterweight could’ve done better to curtail Karen Chukhadshian’s constant movement Saturday night.

Overall, however, Derek “Bozy” Ennis thinks Chukhadzhian is mostly to blame for their 147-pound title fight devolving into 12 rounds of boring boxing on the Gervonta Davis-Hector Luis Garcia undercard at Capital One Arena. Philadelphia’s Ennis entered the ring as a 35-1 favorite, but Ukraine’s Chukhadzhian surprisingly forced Ennis to go 12 rounds for the first time in his six-year professional career.

All three judges gave every round to Ennis, who won 120-108 on each of their scorecards.

Ennis (30-0, 27 KOs, 1 NC) landed twice as many punches as Chukhadzhian, according to CompuBox’s unofficial statistics. CompuBox credited Ennis for 203-of-592 connections overall, 106 more than Chukhadzhian (97-of-573).

Wary of Ennis’ power, Chukhadzhian (21-2, 11 KOs) kept his distance throughout their 12-round fight for the IBF interim welterweight title. He landed more punches on the 25-year-old Ennis than any of his prior opponents, but “Bozy” Ennis sensed Chukhadzhian came to survive, not to win.

“Well, you got a guy that really didn’t come to fight,” Ennis’ father/trainer said. “You know what I mean? So, that’s why I told my son to walk him down, try to make him fight. But he still didn’t wanna fight. So, ain’t nothing we can do about that. You know, what we had to do was keep on doing what we was doing. We won every round, so, and I’m glad we went 12 rounds. And y’all see that he wasn’t even tired.”

The younger Ennis expressed disappointment that he didn’t knock out such a huge underdog.

“It’s a lotta things that I coulda done better,” Jaron Ennis said. “You know, cut the ring off a little better, stay a little sharper, you know, not looking, you know, [for the knockout]. I wasn’t necessarily looking for the knockout. Just having more fun, like how I was in the middle rounds, and things like that. But back to the gym on Monday, you know, to get better, you know, sharpen up.”

Ennis hadn’t boxed beyond the sixth round in a professional bout before Saturday night. Though he wanted to produce another knockout on this high-profile card, Ennis wasn’t flustered because Chukhadzhian was reluctant to engage for almost all of their fight.

“I mean, it wasn’t getting frustrating,” Ennis said. “I caught myself getting bored a couple times. But, you know, it come with boxing, you know. That’s how it is, you know?”

Keith Idec is a senior writer/columnist for BoxingScene.com. He can be reached on Twitter @Idecboxing.