The spectacular KOs have come in droves for Jaron Ennis. The switch-hitting star out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has made it look incredibly easy in the ring, at least thus far.

On Saturday tonight, the welterweight up-and-comer went the distance, but won just about every round against unheralded Karen Chukhadzhian. News of the Ukrainian taking on Ennis came as a bit of a disappointment from the viewpoint of welterweight contender Blair Cobbs.

Cobbs is of the belief that Ennis should be facing stiffer tests. However, as the 33-year-old sifts through the resume of Ennis, he concludes that the highly touted star hasn’t been given the most arduous of schedules.

“Why is he not fighting fighters that think they can beat him?," Questioned Cobbs to Thaboxingvoice. 

In any event, Cobbs believes that Ennis (29-0, 27 KOs) should be thrown into the deep end. With his most recent win, Ennis has laced his waist with the IBF interim crown, placing him next in line to take on current unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr.

While he’s on the cusp of fighting for a golden trinket, Cobbs has come to the conclusion that Ennis has been done a disservice considering his tenuous level of competition.

“The real is gonna reveal itself soon enough. These fighters that don’t fight any kind of real competition and it gets to a point where like everything is so easy to them, they got questions in they own mind.”