Tony Sims, the head trainer for welterweight contender Conor Benn, is expecting Chris Eubank Jr. to make weight for their upcoming catch-weight showdown.

Benn will move up in weight to face Eubank Jr. at 157-pounds, next Saturday at the O2 Arena in London.

There is also a rehydration limit in place on the morning of the fight.

Benn competes at 147-pounds, while Eubank has fought as high as the super middleweight limit of 168-pounds.

Sims and Benn have the option to cancel the fight if Eubank Jr. weighs more than 158.5-pounds.

However, Sims believes there won't be much drama at the weigh-in.

"We would definitely have a look at that. But I don’t think he will miss the weight by that much.  Number one, I don’t think he would have suggested that weight, and number two I don’t think he would risk the cancellation," Sims told Daily Mail.

"He might risk a fine on a pound, but the next pound up I don’t think he’d risk a cancellation. But I can’t really speak for him or how he does things, so who knows."

Chris Eubank Sr. raised a lot of eyebrows several weeks ago, when he vowed to pull his son from the fight - because he felt the catch-weight aspect created a dangerous situation for Jr. 

Benn's handlers, and Eubank Jr, disregarded the statements and made it known the event was pushing forward.

"I respect Chris, he’s been a great fighter and that, but a lot of things that he says people don’t really take a lot of notice of. He comes out with some strange comments, so I don’t think anyone took him that serious – even his own son," Sims said.