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Teon Kennedy: East Coast Warrior Goes National on 1/13

If you’ve never seen Teon Kennedy before, you’ve been missing out — the junior featherweight has been in back-and-forth battles in Atlantic City and Philadelphia, the roars from his wars becoming comm...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Golden Boy vs. Top Rank Lawsuit Changes Everything, Nothing

by David P. Greisman - They are mortal enemies, and so it is only a matter of fate that they work against each other after less than two years of working with each other. It is a matter of fortune ...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Super 6 to Final 4: Win and You’re In

by David P. Greisman - It is now all about the numbers. Six fighters. Six fights in. Three fights left to decide which four will go on. One has already clinched a spot in the next round of the Supe...Read More

Head 2 Head – Miguel Cotto vs. Manny Pacquiao

THOMAS GERBASI: If you mean Andy Lee vs Affif Belghecham, then absolutely. Oh, you mean Miguel Cotto vs. Manny Pacquiao. Yeah, that should be a pretty good scrap too. All kidding aside, though, C...Read More

Dawson vs Pascal Being Eyed: Additional News and Notes

by David P. Greisman - Good for “Bad Chad.” Dawson did exactly what he should’ve done to beat Glen Johnson in their rematch this past Saturday. Some of the criticism of his performance is fair. Som...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Official Review: Second Guessing the Third Men in the Ring

by David P. Greisman - The NFL zebras protect Tom Brady. The NBA referees show favoritism toward star players. Major League Baseball umpires made several obvious mistakes during this year’s postseason...Read More

Dawson Dominates Johnson; Angulo Brutalizes Yorgey

6PM ET: We're live from the XL Center in Hartford, Conn., where tonight HBO will be broadcasting the rematch between light heavyweight titlist Chad Dawson and Glen Johnson, the former 175-pound champ ...Read More

Head 2 Head – Dawson vs. Johnson 2, Valuev vs. Haye

By David P. Greisman and Thomas Gerbasi - DAVID P. GREISMAN: One fighter is on the cusp. One fighter is on the brink. One fighter speaks softly but carries seven feet of heft. And one fighter has talk...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Chad Dawson’s Changing Tune

by David P. Greisman - Boxers, for all their willingness to have their features become mashed and their innards become mush, do not quite share the same mentality as those who partake in the most extr...Read More

“Fighting Words” - is 'Fighter of the Year' a two-man race?

by David P. Greisman - All too often, what happens outside of the ring has consequences on what goes on inside the ring. Substantially and tangentially, the economy has changed the Sweet Science. ...Read More

Head 2 Head – Adamek vs. Golota: The War in Poland

By David P. Greisman and Thomas Gerbasi - DAVID P. GREISMAN: Years ago, there was a great travel series on TV called “Pole to Pole.” Michael Palin will have nothing else to do with this article. Th...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Time Trial: Deconstructing the First Night of the Super Six

by David P. Greisman - Being a boxing writer is a life of self-sacrifice. I’ve given up the Saturday night social life for the weekly practice of watching grown men pummel the heck out of each other. ...Read More

Head 2 Head – The Super Six Tournament Begins

By David P. Greisman and Thomas Gerbasi - DAVID P. GREISMAN: A typical tournament has several individual storylines that, together, form a bigger picture, that of the tournament crowning an eventual w...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Vazquez-Marquez: Too Good For Their Own Good

by David P. Greisman - Did they give too much? Did we ask too much? Israel Vazquez and Rafael Marquez faced each other in three great but grueling fights, 25 rounds of war waged within 363 days. E...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Fernando Guerrero: Big Draw in a Small City

by David P. Greisman - You can – and should – go home again. And again. And again. Fernando Guerrero will go home for the fourth time Saturday, and for good reason: He is a big draw in a small cit...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Chris Arreola: All Guts, No Glory

by David P. Greisman - There are two types of tears: those for triumph, and those for tragedy. Witness the contrast between two fighters on one night. Floyd Mayweather Jr., the victor, dropping to...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Mayweather-Marquez: A Squash Match and a Post-Fight Angle

by David P. Greisman - Floyd Mayweather Jr. flashed a smile, his top row of ivories glistening in the spotlight. His face, the face that had made the nickname “Pretty Boy Floyd” more than just a nod t...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Kessler, Ward and The Super Six

by David P. Greisman - Mikkel Kessler – come on down! Andre Ward – come on down! You’re the next contestants in the Showtime Super Six Showcase Showdown! And now for a break from this comm...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Net Worth: A New Frontier For Boxing Business

by David P. Greisman - Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier battled for the heavyweight championship in 1921, four rounds fought in Jersey City, heard in Hoboken. Brian Minto and Donnell Holmes are two...Read More

“Fighting Words” – Mayweather-Marquez: The Hard Sell

by David P. Greisman - Saturate the market. Get names in newspapers, segments on screen. Remember that all publicity is good publicity. The Sept. 19 pay-per-view featuring Floyd Mayweather Jr. and...Read More