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Oleksandr Usyk vs. Tony Bellew - CompuBox Punch Stats

Undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk once again emerges victorious on his opponent's home ground thanks to a titanic left cross to the jaw that left Tony Bellew spread-eagled along the ro...Read More

Oleksandr Usyk vs. Tony Bellew - CompuBox Historical Review

Oleksandr Usyk (last 6 fights) averaged nearly 20 more punches thrown than the cruiserweight average. Usyk's 42.2 jabs thrown per round ranks #1 among CompuBox Categorical Leaders and 19 more thrown t...Read More

Soto Karass vs. Macias - CompuBox Record Breaking Punch Stats

Jesus Soto-Karass’ 1,848 total punches thrown is most ever recorded by one fighter in the CompuBox era, shattering the 1,675 Antonio Margarito logged in beating Joshua Clottey on December 2, 2006. Sot...Read More

Miguel Berchelt vs. Miguel Roman - CompuBox Historical Review

Expect fireworks: Both landed/threw well above the jr. light. average for total punches. Miguel Berchelt landed 48.3% of his power punches, Miguel Roman 40.5%. They can be hit too, as Berchelt opponen...Read More

Daniel Jacobs vs. Derevyanchenko - CompuBox Punch Stats

The selective Jacobs (47 punches thrown per round), landed 41.8% of his power punches and landed/threw slightly below the middle. avg. for jabs. AS a result of his selectiveness, Jacobs opponents land...Read More

Daniel Jacobs-Derevyanchenko: CompuBox Historical Review

The selective Daniel Jacobs (47 punches thrown per round), landed 41.8% of his power punches and landed/threw slightly below the middle. avg. for jabs. AS a result of his selective approach, Jacobs op...Read More

CompuBox: Rob Brant Throws 1,262 Shots at Ryota Murata

A bravura performance for Rob "Bravo" Brant, who upset Ryota Murata to win the WBA's secondary middleweight title belt by throwing 1,262 punches, the second most ever recorded by CompuBox in a middlew...Read More

Andrade vs. Kautondokwa - CompuBox Historical Review

Demetrius Andrade threw and landed above the middleweight avg. for total punches vs. Fox, Culcay & Nelson and landed 45.2% of his power punches, but only 12.4% of his jabs (3.5 per round)....Read More

Tevin Farmer-James Tennyson: CompuBox Historical Review

Tevin Farmer (last 6 fights) threw and landed around the Jr. Lightweight avg. for total punches. He landed 41.9% of his power shots, while opponents landed just 27.9% of their power punches. 35.2% of ...Read More

Katie Taylor-Cindy Serrano: CompuBox Historical Review

Katie Taylor (vs. Connor & Bustos) was very selective with her punch output, throwing 41.2 punches per two-minute round. She landed 47.1% of her power punches, while opponents landed just 6.1 punches ...Read More

Ryota Murata-Rob Brant: CompuBox Historical Review

The selective Murata (last 2) threw well below middle avg., but landed 46% of his total punches and a whopping 57.4% of his power shots- 20% higher than middle. avg. Brant (last 3) landed/threw below ...Read More

Dadashev vs. DeMarco - CompuBox Historical Review

What a contrast in output: Dadashev (vs. Perez & Booth) averaged 85.4 punches thrown per round to 38.6 per round for Demarco (vs. Ramirez, Figueroa, Barthelemy & Vargas). ...Read More

Crawford vs. Spence - CompuBox Head To Head Analysis

Errol Spence (last 5 fights) threw nearly 20 more punches per round than Terence Crawford (last 11 fights- 2 at welterweight). Spence landed 22 punches per round to 16.7 for Crawford. Both landed near...Read More

Terence Crawford-Jose Benavidez - CompuBox Punch Stats

OMAHA - Terence Crawford took over the after round six (103-33 edge in punches landed in 7 thru 12) and closed show by landing 17 of 35 power shots in 12th. 70 of Crawford's 186 landed punches (38%) w...Read More

Crawford vs. Benavidez - CompuBox Historical Review

Terence Crawford has a +14.8 plus/minus rating, #2 among active fighters-(Loma +17.3 -#1). Bud landed 48% of his power shots- 10% higher than welterweight avg. His 6.3 landed jabs per round is above t...Read More

CompuBox Adds CompuTrack System For New Dimensions

The CompuTrack system will produce next-generation statistics that will break down a fighter’s activity and performance based on ring positioning and location. CompuTrack will pull conventional CompuB...Read More

Daniel Roman-Gavin McDonnell - CompuBox Historical Review

Both throw well above the jr. featherweight avg. for total punches, while Daniel Roman landed a whopping 32 per round. Roman landed 46.9% of his power shots, as 27.4 of his 32.1 landed punches per rou...Read More

Jarrell Miller-Tomasz Adamek - CompuBox Historical Review

Jarrell Miller threw nearly 22 more punches per round than hvt. avg., landing 22.5 per round. Miller also landed 40% of his power punches. RED FLAG: opponents landed 38.9% of their power shots vs. Mil...Read More

Artur Beterbiev-Callum Johnson - CompuBox Historical Review

Artur Beterbiev is busy (68 thrown per round) accurate (22.6 landed per round-33.2%) and has a better than avg. jab- 8 landed per round. He also landed 40.9% of his power punches. Overwhelmed opponen...Read More

Jessie Vargas-Thomas Dulorme - CompuBox Historical Review

Jessie Vargas landed/threw around the welterweight avg. for total punches and landed slightly above with his jab (6.2 per round). RED FLAG: opponents landed 43% of their power shots- welter avg.: 37.5...Read More