By Rick Reeno

Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas - Following the conclusion of Saturday night's pay-per-view, Top Rank's CEO Bob Arum was upset with certain scorecards in two of the championship fights.

In one of the featured fights, Jessie Magdaleno significantly raised his status in the super bantamweight division by winning a twelve round unanimous decision over Nonito Donaire. Arum had an issue with the score of 118-110 that was issued by Adalaide Byrd. The other two judges Steve Weisfeld and Burt A. Clements had it 116-112.

The one score that shocked everyone at ringside was score of 114-113 that was issued by veteran judge Dave Moretti in the main event, where Manny Pacquiao dominated Jessie Vargas for the WBO welterweight title. Two other two judges,  Glenn Feldman and Glenn Trowbridge, had it 118-109.

Arum wants the Nevada State Athletic Commission to get involved and further educate the judges with seminars on properly scoring fights.

"If there is one thing to say, because it really troubles me. You can complain about the judges and be a sore loser, so I'm not complaining about any decision because they are all correct. But the judge in the Nonito Donaire-Magdaleno fight, who gave Donaire only two rounds should never be allowed to judge again. The other two judges had Magdanelo winning very, very close. You can argue that was correct or Donaire winning close was correct, but to only give Nonito Donaire two rounds in that fight you have to wonder what that judge was seeing," Arum said.

"And then in the Pacquiao fight, you had two judges who saw the fight like everybody else. You had one judge who gave Vargas two rounds and another maybe three, but that was the maximum. He fought courageously, but we all knew what we were watching - except for one judge, who gave Manny the victory by one point by virtue of the knockdown. He had six rounds to six rounds and gave Manny the win because of the knockdown. What fight was that judge watching?"

"The Commission here prides itself on having the best this and the best that, should have a seminar to show these judges what to watch out for. Its easier for me to say that here because I'm not saying you stole the fight from my fighter, but it goes against the credibility of the sport when you have in these two fights individual judges who scored the fight so much differently from what everyone saw and what the other two individual judges saw."