Top Rank's CEO Bob Arum has very high hopes for undefeated heavyweight puncher Jared Anderson (13-0, 13 KOs).

Anderson, 23-years-old, is being pushed as the future of the heavyweight division.

Arum co-promotes the current WBC world champion Tyson Fury, who is widely viewed as the top fighter in the weight class.

If everything goes as planned, Arum's company would eventually look to match Anderson and Fury in 2024.

“I have my kid, who’s not quite there yet, but by 2024 he’ll be ready [to fight Fury] and that’s Jared Anderson and that will sell out the big stadium in Las Vegas," Arum told Talk Sport.

Top Rank also promotes another rising heavyweight, Olympic silver medal winner Richard Torrez, who is several steps behind Anderson in terms of his development.

Arum already views Anderson as a top contender, while Torrez is still being carefully moved as an untested prospect.

“I think Richard Torrez is a great prospect, but he’s still a prospect, whereas I think Jared Anderson has moved from being a prospect to being a contender. I would put him in with anybody because there’s something magic about Anderson," Arum said.

“Hopefully Richard Torrez has the same type of ability and charisma going forward, but he’s a baby and he started a number of years after Anderson.”

Anderson saw action earlier this month, where he battered and stopped veteran Jerry Forrest.

The dangerous boxer would later call for a fight with world title challenger Dillian Whyte. And Arum, who is confident in Anderson's ability to win such a fight, is more than willing to make that bout happen as soon as possible.