As previously reported by, heavyweight Chris Arreola is in talks for a potential showdown with former unified world champion Andy Ruiz.

Arreola met a 17-year-old Ruiz many years ago, and knew one day the young boxer would eventually become a legit heavyweight contender. 

"This kid, not only was he big, but he was big with fast hands. A lot of power behind his punches, and I knew that this kid was going to be a heavyweight to be reckoned with in the future, and here we are now. We might even be meeting one another in the ring with 10 ounce gloves," Arreola told Sky Sports.

A fight between the two Mexican boxers would be a big draw in Southern California.

Ruiz shocked the world back in June of 2019, when he stopped Anthony Joshua in seven rounds.

In December, Joshua easily outboxed Ruiz over twelve rounds to reclaim the titles.

Ruiz was overweight and in poor condition when he stepped in the ring for the rematch.

Afterwards, Ruiz admitted that he partied for two months and started training camp late.

Arreola had very similar issues during his own career - he partied often, he would enter camp too far out of shape, he would enter fights overweight. He even saw fights become no-contests, because he tested positive for marijuana.

It took Arreola a long time to get his act together.

But, Arreola admits that he likely would have engaged in the same reckless behavior as Ruiz. 

"I would have probably been doing the same thing. You got to remember this. One month he fights against (Alexander) Dimitrenko for $10,000, $8,000. Six weeks later he's fighting for $4 million. Ten weeks later he's fighting for $10 million. How do you expect him to be a humble man? We come from nothing. I come from nothing. Having that kind of money, I wouldn't know and I didn't know how to handle myself," Arreola said.

"So no, I don't have no sympathy. I understand where he comes from and I understand what happened. You live and learn. I was drinking Corona, I was partying. I would show up whenever I wanted to show up to the gym. I would come up with excuses on the way to the gym. I would say that my car needs an oil change. I need new tires. You know there's always an excuse. Like I said, it comes from having nothing and then having everything."