Super middleweight contender Edgar Berlanga has received a mountain of criticism in the aftermath of his ten round decision win over Alexis Angulo.

The contest took place last Saturday night at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The scores were 99-91, 99-1 and 98-92.

What transpired during the seventh round was what made worldwide headlines - because during a clinch Berlanga was attempting to bite Angulo on the shoulder and neck.

Berlanga openly admitted that he tried to bite Angulo, with a claim that he was retaliating for elbow use.

The unbeaten Puerto Rican puncher would apologize for his statements the following day.

Angulo was shocked with Berlanga's actions, but he was more shocked that the referee ignored the occurrence.

"There were many intentions, bad intentions [from what he was trying to do]," said Angulo to George Ebro. “What I believe, well, it doesn't count for much, but they didn't even call attention to what happened. I told the referee that he was biting me and the referee told me that I was holding him, when it was the opposite. Suddenly I was the one to blame."

Angulo's manager and legal adviser, Armando Hernández, was also stunned by what happened.

"Everyone knows what they saw and what Angulo did in the ring against Berlanga,'' Hernández pointed out. “The eyes don't lie. Public opinion has spoken clearly. If Berlanga wants a rematch, he knows that we are here. Mundo Boxing and Angulo come to fight with whoever, wherever and however."