ARLINGTON, Texas – Unlike the nights Danny Garcia lost a split decision to Keith Thurman and a unanimous decision to Shawn Porter, Angel Garcia didn’t dispute the outcome of his son’s 12-round fight against Errol Spence Jr.

Danny Garcia’s polarizing father and trainer acknowledged that he lost to Spence in their 12-round fight for Spence’s IBF and WBC welterweight titles Saturday night at AT&T Stadium. Judge Tim Cheatham scored nine of the 12 rounds for Spence (117-111), whereas judges Barry Lindenman (116-112) and Steve Weisfeld (116-112) each scored eight rounds for the unbeaten champion.

Angel Garcia blamed his son’s lack of punch production for his decisive defeat to the left-handed Spence (27-0, 21 KOs).

“He didn’t do nothing wrong today,” Angel Garcia stated during their post-fight press conference. “He just wasn’t busy enough. You know, like, he lost, yes. But it was because he chose to do that. It’s not because really Spence whupped his ass or nothing. I ain’t see no whupping in there. I mean, a little bump on [his face]. A little bump here and there – that comes with the package. You always gonna get bruised, and he light-skinned. You’re gonna see it more than anybody else.

“But it’s not like Spence whipped his ass or nothing. I mean, he never hit the canvas. He took the shots well, like I said. I mean, he’s just gotta get busier. You only win fights by landing. You don’t win fights by nothing else. That was the only problem he had tonight. He let his hands go, but not like he was supposed to.”

Philadelphia’s Danny Garcia credited the taller, rangier Spence’s consistent jab for throwing off his timing and preventing him from getting off punches the way he intended. Opportunities to counter Spence on the inside existed, according to Angel Garcia, but Danny Garcia (36-3, 21 KOs) just couldn’t capitalize on those chances versus an opponent who proved he regained his tremendous form following a car accident in October 2019 that caused a lengthy layoff.

CompuBox credited Spence for landing 70 more punches overall than Garcia (187-of-707 to 117-of-700). Unofficially, CompuBox counted 70 more jabs for Spence (84-of-419 to 14-of-362) and the same number of power connections for both boxers (103-of-288 for Spence and 103-of-338 for Garcia).

“Because a lot of times when you’re in the pocket, you’re dipping and slipping, that means you’re seeing everything,” Angel Garcia explained. “You make him pay. [Danny] would slip under like that, right there, to the liver. When you dip, come dig back to the right hand on this side. You know, that’s what counts. That’s what he did wrong. That’s the only thing. It wasn’t the weight. He didn’t look weak in there.

“And if he would’ve threw, like I said, the last 30 seconds of the 12th round, that’s Danny Garcia right there. That was a little too late to try afterwards. But I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed at him. But I’m not mad. You know, I was pissed when we lost to f-cking Keith Thurman. I was ramming. Not that I’m saying I’m gonna accept an ‘L.’ I’m never gonna accept an ‘L.’ But what you do? You move on. That’s it.” 

Keith Idec is a senior writer/columnist for He can be reached on Twitter @Idecboxing.