Deontay Wilder’s words are almost as deadly as his fists…almost.

A serious makeover was needed for the former champ, one that came with all the bells and whistles. Tyson Fury stripped the one time titlist of his WBC trinket and also placed a permanent dent in his aura. His comeback following back-to-back defeats was both violent and quick.

In his only appearance of 2022, Wilder easily stopped Robert Helenius in the first round. From there, Wilder targeted showdowns against Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua. But, despite doing his best to secure those matchups, neither pulled through.

Ultimately, Wilder’s fallback plan was Andy Ruiz Jr. The two have engaged in a few transient negations but nothing concrete has come to fruition. Seemingly frustrated, Wilder ripper Ruiz, calling him every derogatory word in the book. Ruiz hasn’t said much, but he recently warned Wilder that the giggly belly that Wilder has been clowning as of late, is usually the last thing people see before they’re kissing the canvas. 

“Talking about I’m fat, I got short arms, that’s what everybody thinks,” said Ruiz during a self-recorded video. “That’s what everybody says until they meet me inside the ring.”

Ruiz, 33, picked up the second consecutive win of his career since losing his IBF, WBO, and WBA heavyweight titles. Ruiz is normally not as talkative and doesn’t usually engage in fulmination. With that said, Wilder has hit a soft spot.

During negotiations, team Ruiz indicated that a 50/50 split was a fair asking price. Wilder though, laughed while walking away from the table. Considering his long former reign and propensity for sending his opponents to the moon with one punch, Wilder revealed that he has no interest in sharing the financial pie right down the middle.

Regardless of the kinks that both teams have to eventually figure out, Ruiz is sick and tired of the hubris Wilder has been displaying. His excessive confidence, however, will comeback to haunt him according to Ruiz.

“Guess what, this fat chubby kid is about to humble your ass. Let’s get it baby.”