It was one of the more indelible memories in recent boxing memory. Although it took place years ago, fans can still remember how it all played out.

Several years ago, Jermall Charlo was backstage at Barclays Center surrounded by reporters. He graciously shared his time with them and answered every single one of their questions. For months, the current WBC middleweight champion was involved in a public feud with Daniel Jacobs. Ironically, Jacobs just so happened to be in the building at the same time. Even more ironic, he walked by Charlo at the exact moment he was being interviewed.

Jacobs' eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He pushed through the crowd and spoke to Charlo face-to-face. From there, it seemed as though the two were on a collision course. Both sides wanted it but as the months turned to years, it appeared more and more likely that they would never tussle in the ring.

While their beef might be over-marinated, Andre Rozier, Jacobs’ longtime trainer, believes that there’s still enough juice and flavor to rekindle things. Over the years, the two have been sequestered on the sidelines, Charlo due to personal issues and Jacobs has simply made sporadic appearances - fighting just once in 2020 and 2022, and not at all in 2021 and 2023.

The timing might be a bit off, but according to Rozier, the former champions should get it on next.

“This is even more so the right time,” Rozier told Tha Boxing Voice during a recent interview. “They both had long periods of inactivity, Jermall a whole lot more than Danny has.”

Under normal circumstances, with Jacobs out of the ring since coming up short against John Ryder in February of 2022, and Charlo both out of sight and out of mind since June of 2021, a soft touch for both would be the right move.

Those antiquated practices, however, annoy Rozier. Enough time has passed since their first incendiary face-off. In a perfect world, the famed trainer would love to see them jump into the ring next and finally put an end to their rivalry.

“I don’t see any need for them to go into the old acclaimed I need that rust-breaking tune-up fight. They’ve been world champions and they just need to get to work.”