Fighting the next available welterweight contender doesn’t excite Terence Crawford. He’s 36 now and has punched people in the face for a living for a decade and a half. It’s been fun. It also made him a rich man.

The demolition job he pulled on Errol Spence Jr. pushed his fame to another level. Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) has been spotted on practically every radio and television show in America. His trophy case might be filled to the brim with countless world titles but his newly won welterweight belts haven’t been able to fill the void that now exists.

The Omaha, Nebraska, native isn’t totally interested in facing Errol Spence Jr. in a rematch. Nor does he find a showdown against Jermell Charlo even remotely interesting anymore. Instead, Crawford wants to add a few more portions of food onto his plate, move up 21 pounds, and take on Canelo Alvarez for the undisputed super middleweight throne.

Currently, Alvarez has a long list of names that want to fight him. Demetrius Andrade, of course, is one of them. News of Crawford wanting to brazenly stomp around his division was somewhat surprising. All in all, Andrade likes Crawford. He also reveres him. Still, he isn't willing to be mendacious towards the pound-for-pound star and his chances at doing anything at 168 pounds.  

“That’s my boy but don't come up here and get f----- up,” Andrade told “It’s a big difference, it’s a big difference.”

It’s all about big money fights that will enhance his legacy at this point. Crawford admitted that the sand in his hourglass is running low.

Getting into the ring with Alvarez would likely give Crawford the sort of money that would set up his family tree forever. And, if he grabs the win, he’ll eternally be mentioned in the greatest of all-time conversation.

Andrade doesn’t want to be flippant. Crawford is a great fighter, Andrade has acknowledged that several times over. But you know the old saying right? Skills pay the bills. There’s a lot of truth in that. However, skills and abilities are thrown out the window when you step into the ring with someone who weighs significantly more than you.

“He got the skills but there’s skilled fighters up here. Plus we’ll be able to bully him at the end of the day.”