Amir Khan has placed in a weight penalty to ensure Kell Brook makes their contracted weight limit of 149-pounds - two-pounds above the welterweight limit.

Brook will have to pay £100,000 for every pound over their contract weight.

Their showdown is scheduled to take place on February 19 at the Manchester Arena in Manchester.

“I know what we have had to do to make this fight, bend over backwards, and I know this fight has only happened because of me. If I go a pound over, it costs me £100,000. Every pound is £100,000 so I cannot afford to do it," Brook said to The Sun.

Khan explains that he provided Brook with two extra pounds because his bitter rival was no longer capable of making the welterweight limit - with Khan looking to avoid the scenario of being blamed for the fight falling apart.

"The fight is at 149-pounds because Kell Brook could not make 147-pounds. If I had said no to the weight limit I would have got the blame again so I have allowed him that but there are extreme financial penalties if he misses weight. If he ends up over 149-pounds there will be penalties because I am already letting him be the bigger man," Khan said.

“I know he gets angry and is not the best at responding so he is already on the backfoot, I have one up on him already. The fight is made now so he should let go of all the hate but he holds on to it all and I think that could be a huge downfall for him. I can see how hurt he is by everything and I think that could be his downfall.”