There was nothing more for Amir Khan to accomplish. His near 20-year career consisted of world title wins, fame around the globe, and of course, life-changing money. So while losing via sixth-round knockout to longtime rival Kell Brook wasn’t the ideal way for him to hang up his gloves, he did so anyway.

Over a year has passed since he made his decision but Khan doesn’t seem to have the itch to return. Instead, the former 140-pound champ is enjoying the retirement life. He now spends his time with his feet up sitting poolside enjoying the fruits of his labor.

By and large, Khan is the happy-go-lucky type. He’s often seen sporting a huge smile. But while you're likely to catch him in a good mood, when Jake Paul’s name is brought up in conversations, he gets a bit apoplectic. From the way he carries himself when the cameras aren't rolling to the way he conducts himself in the ring, Khan, to put it in layman’s terms, can’t stand the former YouTuber turned pro boxer.

Returning to the ring is normally the furthest thing from Khan’s mind. However, if he were given the chance to lace up his gloves one final time, Paul would be the perfect opponent.

“Jake Paul, he gets on my nerves a little bit,” Khan told iFL TV during a recent interview. “I think the way he conducts himself, the way he acts and he’s just full of himself as well and he thinks he can fight. He’s only been boxing for like a year, so yeah, I’d love to fight him.”

Paul might claim to be dedicated to his craft but fans are hoping to see him take on more pure boxers. Outside of his showdown against Tommy Fury, a split decision loss earlier this year, Paul has built his career off the carcasses of former NBA players and mixed martial artists.

Despite his success, Paul has acknowledged on numerous occasions that he has to get accustomed to fighting actual boxers. Khan, naturally, fits the mold perfectly. That fight, no matter how badly Khan wants it, has a gigantic roadblock. That would be weight. Khan spent the majority of his career vacillating between the super lightweight and welterweight divisions. Paul, on the other hand, routinely fights anywhere between 185 and 191 pounds.

Weight aside, Khan wouldn’t allow something as innocuous as 40 pounds stand in the way. If Paul just so happened to slide a contract across his desk, Khan would happily add a bit of muscle to his slender frame and sign his name on the dotted line.

“He’s been very lucky though, he’s a little bit heavier than me but I don’t mind putting the pounds on just to beat him up.”