Former world champion Amir Khan has provided the details of the recent terrifying moment, when thieves stuck guns in his face and stole his luxury watch, while his wife watched from just a few feet away.

The 35-year-old, along with wife Faryal Makhdoom, had just finished eating at a restaurant about 45 minutes outside of London.

"In the UK, I mean the law is quite strong where hardly anyone, even the police, don't really carry guns," Khan said to TMZ Sports.

"So, it was quite shocking to see a gun pointed at me. And you could see that they were young. They seemed a bit nervous, and he kept saying to me, 'take off your watch.'"

Khan feels that he may have been targeted after someone took notice of his watch, worth nearly six figures, at the restaurant.

"Yeah, definitely. Obviously, I was in a restaurant taking pictures with a lot of people. I've never said no for a picture whenever someone wants to come for a picture," Khan said, explaining someone may have spotted the wristwatch and knew it was worth a pretty penny.

"Someone must've recognized that watch. I was wearing a really expensive watch which is worth like maybe $100,000. I think that news must've traveled a little bit. So, I do think that somehow it was set up. Maybe the news just went to the wrong people, and they knew I had a watch there.

"I'm a fighter. There was a time I thought, he had the pistol and I can just move the pistol to the side and hit him. I know I would've hurt the guy." The only thing that stopped me was having my wife not far from me, behind me. Even if he shot the gun and even if it didn't hit me, it could've hit someone else."

After the robbery, Khan called the local authorities, who immediately launched an investigation.

"The last time I spoke to them was obviously after the interview I had and they said that they saw where the car went, and they've got the car in that radius -- they've got the cameras around that car," Khan said.

"I don't feel safe [in London]. I'm in the city London which is obviously a very well known town and everyone loves London. Now, after I was robbed, you start hearing all the stories or you start reading up on all the robberies that have happened. I mean, it's quite regularly happening," Khan said.

"I need the prime minster, the MP member of Parliament and also the Mayor of London -- what are these people doing?! They need to improve security and maybe get more police forces out or do something about this because it's not a safe place to live."