Newcastle - Alen Babic blasted aside Damian Chambers with a huge left hook as the Croatian heavyweight contender added another knockout to his destructive record.

'The Savage' Babic produced a dramatic one-punch knockout of Chambers, sealing his seventh straight stoppage, as he returned to the ring following shoulder surgery.

Babic had hoped to fight Nick Webb next, but says he's not willing to fight him.

Whether it's cruiserweight, bridgerweight or heavyweight, Babic is ready to fight everyone - including cruiserweight champ Lawrence Okolie.

“The third time I’ve gone into the third round, but it’s good it’s only another half a minute probably," Babic told Matchroom.

"All kudos to Damian Chambers, I love him, he’s a very tough guy. I have the power to knock guys out who are 130 kilos, he was like 89 and took those shots. I thought, 'what is this guy made of?' I love Damian Chambers. That’s why I didn’t do any trash talk, the guy took a fight on six days’ notice against 'The Savage' and he saw my knockouts. I have nothing but respect for the guy, I’ll never disrespect guys like that.

“I saw the whole arena, they’re on my side, my heart is so full, I love Newcastle. I’m going to come back and drink brown ale tonight. I just feel so blessed to be here, I sense the synergy between Newcastle and me since day one. I’m so grateful. I want to involve the fans as much as I can in my fights, that’s why I do these kinds of things so they can participate.

“Yesterday I wrote a post on Facebook saying, I’m just waiting for a dream, this is all a big dream, seeing myself on big billboards, trending on Twitter. I can’t believe it, I’m a simple and humble guy so this is all just a pure blessing to me – every day and every minute.

“This fight gets me closer to that, when I get Matchroom in Croatia that is my goal. I’d give all my money from the tickets to the children so they can see the real sportsmanship. I really want that, and this is just one step closer to fulfilling my dream which is to involve people in boxing. I can’t just hold it to myself, that’s selfish.

“We were supposed to announce that fight (Nick Webb) for Fight Camp but of course we won’t do that people he bitched out, he’s just a little bitch. I have no respect for him no more, he avoided Fabio Wardley for three years, me for two, it’s getting silly – I must move on to bigger and better guys.

“Okolie is a great guy, a great champion, he’s done a lot more than I have. Don’t get me wrong, I’m never going to disrespect guys like that, he is my friend. I want to fight him. Of course, I do, for the title, he’s a f----ng beast. I would fight him and all of the Bridgerweights, Rivas, Hooker.

“I don’t care about belts; I just want a good fight for the fans. I want to bring stadiums to life, I want to bring energy, that’s my goal. Just give me whoever you want, don’t tell me who it is, I don’t care.”