By Luke Furman

Former WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson has started talking again, according to a statement his fiancee, Simone God, provided to The Montreal Journal.

Not only has the former champion began to speak, but he also moved his hands and feet. The doctors have now closed the hole that had been made in his throat for a tracheotomy.

"It gives us hope a lot," added God.

As reported last week, former WBC light heavyweight world champion Adonis Stevenson has regained consciousness after three weeks in a coma following a December 1 knockout loss.

Stevenson was taken to hospital for treatment after an eleventh round knockout loss to Oleksandr Gvozdyk in Quebec City.

The boxer's fiancee issued an official statement to advise media and fans that the 41-year-old fighter was awake.

On New Year's Eve, Stevenson received a visit from Sugar Hill, his head trainer. Hill came in from Detroit to spend the day with his boxer. Adonis wanted to see the last round of his last fight, but instead showed him a compilation of his last ten fights. On January 1, his promoter Yvon Michel visited him.

Steve Querry, a personal friend of Stevenson, and God showed the boxer some pictures of a beautiful house that Stevenson had built on the North Shore and he reportedly told them that he wants to "come home". But the paper states that it could take several weeks since the surgery to close his cranial box has not been completed yet.

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