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Old 04-14-2012, 10:16 PM
joe strong
average joe
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Originally Posted by AL YANKAB*TCH View Post
Green k for teh one and only.. my mentor.. Joe Strong.
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thanks, i appreciate the green k & i'm nobodies mentor. i live in a place where most women are materialistic & money hungry. so many men & women settle down just for the sake of not being alone. that's where the problem lies. women go to the spa & ***** about their husbands while at the same time bob tells his wife he's going to johnny's to help him change the spark plugs in his car. instead 5 of the men go to johnny's garage to drink beers & smoke dope to get away from their regular lives for a few hours of venting. they sit around & ***** about their wives & what if they didn't get married & did this or that...i'm gonna be the guy they are talking about. it is important to make yourself happy first. if you are happy with the person you are then everything else will fall into place. if you spend your whole life trying to please everyone else & make them happy first, you will never be happy & your relationships will never last. you can't make someone happy if you are not happy yourself. you can't love anyone else if you do not love yourself first. no one is perfect. you don't need to wear fancy clothes, you don't need a expensive car, you don't need to be muscular & be up to the latest fashion. for women it's the same they don't need fake boobs, tans, hair, nails,etc. all you are doing is letting them see the person on the outside first. you are trying to be someone you are not. too many people try to be someone they are not. when i see a girl with fake boobs the first thing i think is insecurity which tells me she does not like the person she is. she is not happy with herself. so if she is not happy with herself then how will she ever make me happy? high maintanace & head case written all over her. one nighter & that's all. any woman who would butcher their body & takes away the feeling in hers breasts & nipples just so she can look better at a club or in a bikini is an fool. just my opinion...i've seen lots of relationships & marriages crumble in my life. when you spend as much time in work camps & away from home as i have then you would understand better.
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