icon Updated at 04:28 AM EDT, Tue Jun 14, 2011

Zab Judah Sides With Sky Sports With Amir Khan Rift

By Chris LaBate

IBF junior welterweight champion Zab Judah is willing to settle the ongoing dispute between British network Sky Sports and WBA champion Amir Khan. Since the month of April, there has been a rift between Khan and Sky. The network refused to carry Khan's April defense with Paul McCloskey on pay-per-view. Khan was forced to take the fight on one week's notice to rival pay-per-view outlet Primetime. Sky also passed on showcasing Khan's July clash with Judah on pay-per-view. Once again, Primetime stepped in to carry the Judah defense.

After July 23, Judah says the television dispute will be over.

"Someone tell the good people at Sky Sports when I'm done with Amir Khan they will be showing his fights on the Cooking Channel after Martha Stewart," Judah said.